April 30, 2009

Kiddie Party

We had a busy and fun day today, its my 5 year old nephew's birthday.He's the one and only baby in our family, since there's only two offspring my parents produced, me and my sister, of course they aren't expecting any kid coming from me!LOL' But come to think of it, having a kid of my own is kinda nice.Not a bad idea.Hmmm, i could adopt a child someday soon.

Maybe I'll find a surrogate mother,or hire a housemaid and get her pregnant LOL! and a houseboy too?Toinks!!!

But I dismissed the idea for the meantime, here's my plan:

  • Work abroad.Save money.Buy a house and lot.
  • Find a boyfriend for good.You know a housewife material kind of bf hehe.
  • Adopt a baby.Probably a gay baby too!So that we could be one big gay family!haha
Anyway, yesterday we were at the mall, my mom and my sister and Anton (my nephew), we didn't ask my dad to come haha, but i know he's waiting to be invited! Mom and me went at the toy's section while sis and Anton went at the supermarket to buy groceries for today's party. We bought four toys, one from me, moms, dads and my sis.

We're so wanna save a lot from buying our gifts so we focused on items that are so big and around 100 to 150 pesos!haha "kuripot e!" did i mention that I'm Anton's godfather too?!He's so lucky to have me!Bleh! He is just a kid who doesn't understand which is expensive and not so he's already happy receiving lots of gifts, and I'm so glad he liked all of it when he opened them haha!

Its funny since we're saving money,we went at the free gift wrapping section of the mall and have our gifts wrapped,there's only two colors of available, pink and blue...since Anton is a boy,we obviously get the blue one, so all four gifts are all in blue wrappers!hahaha.It looks pathetic!(carry lang!haha)

Anton got a lot of visitors, its not actually a big birthday party, just enough to accommodate some relatives and friends.He's so happy with the playmates, he never have the chance to play a lot from other kids since he's the only child of my sister. He's alone at our house most of the time playing with himself (did that sound like something else?LOL)

Then the time has come to open up his gifts, he's so excited!I even recorded the moment at our digicam.He started playing all toys and before the sun was down, all all broken!LOL. Sooo low quality!We promised to buy him better toys next time hahaha.

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