August 9, 2008

My partner,Jaireh

today is august 9,2008 and its 1:20am for me its still early,i usually sleep at 4 or 5am.I stayed at my room most of the time if i dont go out of somewhere of i dont have a date with my partner jai,speaking of him,he is 21 studying nursing we dont see each other a lot,its lucky if we meet twice a week,so its usually every week that we date,he is my 8th serious relationship,i value relationship a lot,i am exclusive to that person,u know no time for meeting other bi's or gay's or even texting them,for me its hard to find ur right mate and someone who value relationship as meaningful as i am,so as much as possible i take care of it,i dont wanna do somthing that may ruin it,our relationship may be young(we've been together for only 1 and a half month now)but i have plans of doing it longer.Somehow I kinda know how to make a relationship lasts since i've been to many failed relationships
U know what, i met him at the net,thre's this gay website where u post ur pic and info about u,i saw him there and i felt that i should give this guy a message,i just said hi how are u,im mac,hope to hear from u soon,after a while he answered and then we change YM account,we start chatting and we enjoyed each other thru chatting and texting,after that we decided to meet and have a date, and another date and finally at third date I asked him if he wants to be my partner..(*ofcourse he said yess u silly hehe*)
And since then,I felt complete,i think thats makes a gay guy's life more meaningful to have someone to call ur boyfriend,ur bestfriend since we both dont have bestfriends,i always drag him if ever i want to see a good movie or i have somthing to buy at the mall that i need some good opinion on and vice versa.
He said somehow he wish that my application abroad wont get to processe too soon,i just told him its for my family,they expect me to be the one who will provide financially this time around bacause during my younger years they are the one providing for me and my sister,and now its my turn.I just promised him that i'll stay loyal and intouch,he said to me when im out there,he'll just focus his time studying while im away,and it felt good that i know he loves me.Hope we stay good and strong together.ciao!!!

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