April 25, 2009


I saw my younger cousin today, he's 10 years old, and wearing a...skirt!!!
to my surprised! hehe but he seems so proud of it ,and told me "tuli na ko!"
"oh...that's why. I thought to myself. He's circumcised now".
I remember my circumcision days, I have mine right after grade six.
But i didn't wore skirts or "daster"
I wore a gown!LOL!

Its a tradition here in the Philippines that every male kid during the summer, before he reached 12 years old that he should undergo the procedure of circumcision or "tuli" other parents do it on their children while they are still babies or else, you will be teased "supot" or uncut, and its a shameful thing if others found out about it.Only in the Philippines hehe.Its like every man's passageway to adulthood, that you are no longer a kid "makakabuntis na" said by my folks.

On my case, I was turning 12 that time and I knew it was coming! I'm kinda nervous about it. I heard that they are injecting the large needle of anaesthesia right in the hole of my penis! at the urethra!I imagined it and scared the hell out of me!LOL. I told that to my father when were alone at the house and he told me that its a lie!That its not done that way, not in the urethra where urine comes out and semen too (which i later found out of course!haha)

(Wanna see uncut erected penis?click here.Check out male sex anatomy here)

He told me that the needle was injected at the outer skin only of the penis, that my friends are just scaring me. Maybe he thought that I'm still confused, so to my shock, father pulled down his shorts and underwear in front of me and showed me his d*ck!!!!!!!!waaaaaa! it was horrible!!!!!!!!!!My eyes are wide opened that I thought it was needed to be sewed to make it close!he gave me a demonstration and where it will be cut and all!I have nightmares for so many nights!

When I looked back I cant help but laughing my ass off! Dad looks like that father of that guy at the movie American Pie where he overdid everything!haha. Anyway, going back to my circumcision story, aside from the needle scare, there's one major-major problem that I realized later....I already have pubic hair!Waaaaa!Its too soon!

One time I was at the bathroom and I touched something around my genitals, I didn't realized it at first, until I examined it, but it was really pubic hairs! I felt like crying..this is bad, i told to myself and embarrassing too!!!!Imagine, what will the doctor think of me? that Im too old for circumcision? that I should have done it earlier!I didn't tell anyone of this, they might laughed at me for centuries!

I thought of a brilliant plan. I'll shave it. I found myself in front of the mirror on the floor my legs wide open and shaving LOL! I also discovered there are hairs growing directly at my crotch areas haha in other words "my bulb*l sa betl*g ko" hahaha! When Im done with it, I'm not happy at all..its too obvious that I shaved it huhu if Brazilian wax was available at that time I could have resort to that!LOL!

When I have my judgement day, the doctor asked me to strip and lie down on the bed, I felt like my face turned into violet! I just closed my eyes and ignored his "mysterious smile" when he sees my "bazooka" LOL!

(They said circumsicion is more hygienic and lower the risk of STD.Read here)
(Read history of circumcision here)

choose which style suits you

Lets talk about penis.When did you have your circumcision?haha
Are you from "pukpok" or with a doctor?
Do you mind if your sex partner is uncut or not?


niko said...

i had it before 2nd year hs. lol! we were not in town the whole summer after my grade six so i had it a year later.

Mac Callister said...

hahaha buti di pa makapal ang "bulb__" mo LOL!

otep said...

grabe napaka informative ng entry na 'to ha.

kaso na shock lang ako sa tumambad sa'kin kanina, nasa comp. shop pa naman ako..

waaaa.. siyempre nakita rin nila..

wooomp.. yeah napagkamalan akong bading.. ayt ayt..

(Babala: Mag ingat sa kaka click) nyahahahaha

salamat pala sa bisita sa bahay ko :D

Bleeding Angel said...

i got it when i was in grade three, the traditional way "pukpok"... with my cousins... i make chew the dahon ng bayabas and spit on the tuli.. wahehehehe/....

Mac Callister said...

@otep--hahaha scandalous ba ang blog ko?LOL thanks for being here too

@bleedingangel--sa pukpok ka?hahah paang di bagay sau a!

Karl Zada said...

Hi Mac, you dropped by in my blog and Im returning the favour.

You really have steamy sites huh. You are doing great.

This is really all about self-expression. That's great.

Keep it up

Mac Callister said...

@karl Zada--thanks,i like your blog thats why i stayed there hehe

Mon said...

eww.. ur dad showed his dick? that's gross! haha.

i had it cut at the age of 12 too. it was memorable because the doctor was young and pretty. lol

of course i voted for ur blog already. kaw pa! pa-burger ka ha!! ;p

:: cb :: said...

haha i got mine really late... like you i got super scared and that stopped me. i had to take a trike home alone and sans underwear. if i had known na ganun lang pala yun, i would've gotten circumcised earlier!

Mac Callister said...

@mon--thanks mon ehehe!send ko sa email mo yun burger wait mo lang LOL!

@cb--haha wala kang kasama nagpunta???

Turismoboi said...

ur ftaher sshowed his dick

ok that was major!

Mac Callister said...

@turismoboi--i cant believe it myself haha!

Summer said...

hahaha.Di ako makaili ng gusto ko..;D lol..
And sa comment ni Otep,tama xa,mag-ingat sa kaka-click.hahaha.Lalu na sa blog mo.ahihiihi=)
Great post xmpre.;D


Solo said...

wuhahaha...This post is very entertaining...=)
Nakakaloko tong post mo ha?! Kung sa bagay,lahat nman ng post mo eh,nkaka-enjoy.=)
I love this post..


Mac Callister said...

@summer--i love the one-sided hair look!LOL.

at ano namamng website yang pinost mo!hehe

@solo--thanks solo!

StarFish said...

LMAO!!! that's funny, i love those pictures you posted as well... LOL!

have a great week!


Mac Callister said...

@starfish--haha late ka na mag comment ikaw lang antay ko mag comment bago ako mag post ng new entry e LOL

umleo23 said...

ako tinuli nung hmmmm before 1st yr highschool...

it was done using laser... bloodless and painless... Actually it was painless like for the first two hours but then after that it was hell for me!

kala ko liliit nga cya dahil sa ginawa sa kanya! but now when i face my big mirror! Wala akong masabi! bwahahahaha

Mac Callister said...

@umleo---laser?wow bongga!di ko alam yun a!baka naman si vicky belo gumawa niyan sa yo!LOL

at ang yabang malaki ba talaga?patingin!haha