April 10, 2009

Haba Hair (part 2)

This is my actual picture LOL.My bora look!haha.Ganda ko!

Before anything else guys,we havent met yet hehe, lets call him RR, but we saw each other at webcam.So far its been fun having him around to chat.Filling my boring night with excitement and hope(?) for a change. Im only concern about the age gap...he's only 12 LOL! kidding aside he's 20 years old.Studying at manila,he's in photography,kinda waiting for him to ask me to pose nude on his next photoshoot LOL!( tignan ko lang pag di nasira camera nya hahaha)

Going back at the age gap,Im 29 turning 30 and he's 20.Look at that age diffrence!10 years!hahaha.Im already on grade 4 and he's still a baby during those times!Many things to consider if i want this, ofcourse there will be the issue of interest, he may want to listen to hiphop and me "kundiman" LOL! What are my friends going to say?Because so far this is the biggest age gap if ever i have on a relationship.

Well,l ets wait and see.I have to observe first.If he's consistent...consistent enough to prove himself, to prove his words. If how long he'll be.He made me use my cell again, to text, that I almost forgot how!LOL!. For all I know this would only be for a week if im lucky hehe.But im ready,so many appeared in front of me promising the same thing,I kinda got used to it.If he's like the others,it wont shatter me.Atleast not yet.

Here's some part of our conversation:

RR: nag sasawa ka naba kausap ako?do you want us to stop talking muna tonight?
Mac: if you are sleepy na e
RR: no am not yet sleepy
Mac: but do u want to stop talking tonight?
RR: no i dont want to stop talking to you. i want to know you.
RR: kung malapit lapit ka edi na invite na kita mag dinner and stuff
Mac: hahaha diner agad ha
RR: gusto kitang makausap tska baka mammya di na kita maabutan ulit


Mac: wait your still reading my blog?haha
RR: oo! Hahaha.me mga helpful bits eh
Mac: helpful saan?
RR: andun ung mga lists ng gusto mo sa isang guy and stuff
Mac: hahaha kala ko naman kung ano
Mac: an daya ako wala references!LOL
RR: you can ask me.you already know na i want you eh ,you wont regret holding on to my promise
RR: eto ang balak ko,kung maging tayo, yehey. you'll see why mahal ako ng mga naging bf ko till now.
RR: kung hindi, you'll find the bestest best friend in me.am not the usual guy out there Mac
RR: i promise to mac that i wont hurt him and that he'd never regret knowing me.
Mac: naks hahaha
RR: set na ako, i dont need time to know if i should take you seriously or not
Mac: let's meet first ok bago ka magsalita ng gayan hehehe
RR: kaw nalang ang hinihintay ko, lets bond and I'll make sure na you'll like me
Mac: then i'll put love potion on your drinks lOL


RR: coz i already like you. i dont need a year or a month or a week to know that. magpapaliguy liguy ako kung di ako sure. kung sketchy ung kausap ko eh hindi ka naman sketchy eh
RR: Mac i like you. the way you are, the way you will be. i like how you express yourself. i like the way you think. i like the way you act.
RR: words do lie but you're a great liar if you're that consistent sa blog mo.
RR: hey Mac if i may ask how do you feel right now at this moment?
Mac: ...hopeful (talande!haha)


Anonymous said...

talande! hahaha..

good luck Mac! Ü

Herbs D. said...

omg. this is so fetch. i love it
wishing all the best for you guys :P

Anonymous said...

Magpagupit ka na nga! haha


Turismoboi said...

what the hell doe talande means?

Anonymous said...

LMAO! that's an awesome pic of you, lol you really are pretty! hehe...

you're crazy!

have a great weekend...


:: cb :: said...

haha ang sweet naman.. at oo nga.. ano yung talande?

leley said...

wow bonggang bonga ka ah..gudluck sau.!

bebot said...

ang ganda talaga ni madame!.super haba ever ng hair..gud luck and have fun!..wish u d best! <3

dabo said...

oist..tawag ka daw san francisco?!! yung buhok mo daw nakasabit sa golden gate bridge

JC.TSU said...

Galing galing naman.. Kakatuwa naman sya Mac.. Seems to good to be true, pero malay mo nga naman..

Mukhang interesadong-interesado sya sayo friend.. Willing syang maging bestfriends lang kayo kung di man maging kayo.. Mukhang bet na bet ka nya teh..

Go go go!! ^_^

Mac Callister said...

@turismoboi and cb--talande same as malandi parang ganun

@starfish--haha sabi sau pretty ako e LOL

@ JC-- yeah i know what u mean

@others--thanks for the fun comments haha natawa ako

Ron Centeno said...

Hi Mac,

It reminds me of Rapunzel! :-)"Let down your hair!"

Musta na Mac! Just have something for you. Just to say thank you for being a good blogger friend!

Here's the link: http://roncentenowordstoremember.blogspot.com/2009/04/thank-you-david-funk.html

Have a Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

aba aba? lumalandi ka na mac ha!!! hindi na magandang example yan sa ating mga kabataan! hehehehe

Mac Callister said...

@ron-haha what is that?kinakabahan ako a!

@stainedheart--haha naku paki ko LOL

artist vario said...

wow.. i never knew....

Mac Callister said...

@vario--never knew what?haha

XanFactor said...

trust me...


Mac Callister said...

@xanfactor--alin ang no?haha

Maldito said...

ang malaking talande!ha ha ha..how sweet..cge na..meet na kayu at nang masubukan na..ahahhaa...Goodluck! Cheers!

XanFactor said...

falling to a reader...

bad idea...


Mac Callister said...

@maldito--hay naku nagkakalabuan pa nga now hayyy hehe

@xanfactor--yeah u are right in some degrees

Kenji said...

Awww! Well good luck okay!? Haha I'm awaiting good news from ya! But yeah, i have a friend who's turning 19 this year and he seems to like this guy who's turning 29! Almost the same thing as ya! xD

Mac Callister said...

@kenji--thanks!hope there'll be good news too!haha

Herbs D. said...

gaga. i checked all your recent blog posts. i'm always 2nd kaya :P not first.