April 8, 2009

Summer at Home!

I feel like a loser when everyone else are at the beach and having fun while the pitiful me is here at home, in front of my computer and sulking!LOL.My mom said that we shall not plan any outing or gimmick this summer till she gets home from Dubai!(inggitera talaga Nanay ko haha) My mom will be having her month long vacation leave this end of April so hopefully the sun is still shining if that day comes!

I cant go out without my Mom's monetary help hahaha.So i really feel the Lenten season this week.I might as well do the "pabasa" with my own version: rap.LOL and we are having fish and veggies all week long!I saw our fridge!full of tilapia,galungong,and bangus!My sister literally follows the tradition!

But I'm secretly organizing a swimming event with my friends next week at Batangas.Been texting here and there about the date and venue hehe.Hopefully we can make it happen.My escape plan on how am I be able to escape home to go there is not yet planned!

How about you guys where are you heading this summer?


Herbs D. said...

dont feel like one! i'm just bumming around the house for the summer too and i feel great!

flip lang ng hair girl! kaya mo yan! hehe. may plans din kami mag swimming pool this may.

boooked na kasi lahat this month yung private pool na inaarkila namin eh hehe

Turismoboi said...

buti ka pa ako bahay lang


Jhoice said...

(inggitera talaga Nanay ko haha)
Lol, u are bad=) Ahaha of coURse dpt ksma c mOm dba xD, NyWeis I hope u`Ll get some summer bondiNgs soon,

I olweis stay at home either
but I don't mind as lOng as i hAVe
my laptop and i`lL be fine =)

Oh well, Good luck on swimmiNg event oRganizing and have FUN..

JC.TSU said...

Ate o! Si Mac tatakas daw! Hehehehe..

Kame sa Sunday pa kame magpupuntang beach eh so mabuburo lang ako dito sa bahay hanggang Sunday.. Haayz.. Ala kasi akong pera eh.. Bibili sana ako ng mga dvd ng mga series para sana malibang kahit papano dito sa bahay..

Ang hirap talaga pag tambay lolz.


rik32miles said...

Sama ko sa beach.....pleaseeee!!!

It's still cold here, we have odd nice weekend pero mostly frosty!
I'll freeze my balls off if I go swimming..hehehehehh!!!!

Gram Math said...

may i join the club?
oh my gawd! it seems that there are a lot of us then, do you still have room for one?

Mac Callister said...

@everyone!--aba akalain mo yun kala ko pa anman ako lang mag isa ang mabuburo sa bahay this holyweek hahaha we should get together sometime and buy our inflatable swimming pool and dive in hahhha!

Chronicler said...

Buti pa kayo, summer na dyan. Dito, its still spring. Holy Week dito is parang wala lang....hindi pa nga nagumpisa ang Lenten Season....Easter na ang inaabangan.

Luis Batchoy said...

thanks for dropping by mac... balik ka ha. vote ka na din.hehehe

call.the.shots said...

wow. an asian guy who can swim! rare! = )

Kenji said...

Haha being rebellious I see! But omgz I wanna go to nice beaches... Vancouver sucks! But anyway, summer I'm heading home to Kuala Lumpur! Hopefully it will be interesting, and certain someone will be with me! :D

Knoxxy said...

Bahay din ako! =)

Mac Callister said...

@chronicler--i guess iba pa din talaga sa pinas hehe

@luis batchoy--hehe oo ba!

@call-the-shots--ok i'll pretend i dont get offended by that comment!

@kenji--oh thats great!tell us about ur trip to KL when u get there ok!

@knoxxy--mag-papabasa ka din?hehe

Pao Pielago said...

sinabi mo. eto nga at tinitiis ko ang lamig dito sa japan knowing that my friends are at the beach there in pinas. hehe. pero umiinit na rin. pero i dont think makakapunta ako ng beach dito. huhu.

Mac Callister said...

@pao--wow nasa japan ka na pala!goodluck!

flamindevil said...

at least ramdam ang holy week dyan sa pinas.

dito sa KL, walang holy week.walang summer.awww

have a blessed holy week macmac.mangilin ka ha. :p

Leon Koh said...

glad to have surf into your blog.. I realised there are lots of bloggers from philipines (who are cute)

hehe :)


Mac Callister said...

@leon--thanks for being here