April 19, 2009

A Family Show: Coming Home

I will call my mom and dad "mother and father lily" in this entry haha"

Yippee!We're going to pick up my mom at the airport (NAIA) this Monday morning at 10 am!Kinda early but its alright, anything for my beloved mother-lily LOL! It would be the happiest day of my life, seeing her again after two years,I didn't realized that it was that long already.We just missed her so much!She must be really excited to see her only grandchild (since all of my kids are killed at the bathroom drainage LOL!)

She'll be having her month long vacation leave from work at Dubai.My mom have been in and out of Dubai for a while now, its like less than ten years already, she went there to send me to college and have hope in heart that I'll be the one to give my family comfort in life!haha what a shame I only gave them comfort rooms!LOL. I'm still nothing up to this day!Darn that visa from Qatar!Its like 48 years already why the hell its not here yet?(nagalit na LOL)

That's one of the reasons, that the title of this blog is "Living the Expectations". Its only fortunate that my mom have a great job there, its not something that she didn't like,s he's happy doing her own thing, she drives her own car, living in a nice unit, there was this time time when she missed her job badly back at Dubai when her vacation took at least two months here in the Philippines way back then.

We asked mother lily if she wants to share my dad's bed when she get here, on the phone last night and she said ,"oh no! I'll be sleeping with Anton(my 5 year old nephew)" and I was like "i told you so" to my sister, because she's having this idea that mom will actually be sleeping at dad's bed, she just didn't get it, that mother lily has fallen out of love to her husband already.A very long time ago.

We just don't know how father lily will take this, for all i know, he's expecting it to be the other way around.He might be un-manageable if he finds out that mother lily wont be sleeping with him,I feel the pity for him,he needs to wake up to reality.My mom is just being civil, she's doing her best to be friendly at him, but dad, thinks otherwise.

Actually I'm bothered, what will happen? I mean by the time my mom reached home. This will be the first time, she will actually spending time together with my father, because not until last year, my dad worked as a supervisor at a food processing at Saudi Arabia.Mother lily was always successful avoiding him, like she's having her vacation leave every month of May and dad will be having his at December, its been like that for like 5 years or so.

But dad quit his job and now living like a king here LOL!See yah next time!

By the way I created a multiply account haha.pls add me up if you have I'm so kawawa I don't have any friends there yet! www.maccallister.multiply.com

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Turismoboi said...

hope evyerthing wwill be fine

welcome home for mom

Mon said...

Hey Mac, first commentor ba'ko ngayon? hehe. i'm glad to hear ur mom is coming home. Have a great day! kaso bakit wala ako sa bloglist mo? hmpf!!

Monz Avenue

Mac Callister said...

@turismoboi--thanks that would be tom!Im excited!

@mon--hehe naunahan ka ni turismo!ay oo nga sorry di ko napapansin!ilalagay ko dont worry hehe

Anonymous said...

awww, that's sad... i feel bad for your dad :(

and what are you talking about not having any friends! lol you've got tons of friends you dork!

have a great day!


give my regards to your mom :)

:: cb :: said...

wow! how exciting! how's the reunion?

Mac Callister said...

@starfish--its for the dramatics only LOL

@CB--great!and chocolates too haha nagtae ako LOL