April 20, 2009


My mom is here!And blonde!LOL!

We went at the airport at 9 am not much traffic thank God, we waited for her like an hour.We have trouble finding her at first too many people out there and the heat is so bad!I'm like melting!My dad rushed to us and said "its her"Its her!" only to find that its not! just a look like, maybe my dad is hallucinating haha six years of not seeing my mom and not talking with her that much made him imagine things?kidding!

My eyes are feasting to many eye-candies!I love secretly looking at them making my stay worthwhile.There's this guy who kept on walking back and to at my side I'm pretty sure he's going to say something on me until my sister ruined the moment with my nephew!they came and give me Anton!For sure that guy thought I'm married and with a kid!(there will be lightning LOL!) grrrrrgh!

I'm glad my mom now knew where to stand at the waiting area, you know at the part where you should wait while waiting for your relatives or someone to pick you, like if your surname starts with letter G, means you have to be at the signage where D-F-G are located, because years back we've been waiting for too long and got worried we cant find her only to find out that she's standing at letters X-Y-Z!!!!

Pasaway siya!!!!LOL

Anyway, I was laughing at her after I hugged her. Oh I missed her!"Mother lily, you are so typical OFW!" i told her. She's blonde and wearing those big banggled silver accessories!A little too much of them.I immediately took out some when we're at the car hehe!I go to the minimalist look!And I'm thinking of how to change her hair color silently,maybe I will drug her and change it to flaming red instead?!LOL!

The talking and the catching up are endless from the road to our home.I was looking at my dad at times,and remembering he's having diarrhea earlier my evil sister whispered "too excited!" and we laughed!Oh we got pulled over by a policeman by the way, after we left the airport parking,why?my dad forgot to put on his seat belt!Sigh!(of course,we knew its our bad)

The police made a sermon and trying to write us a ticket.Bluffing!he wants us to pay a certain amount at their office at makati tomorrow where there will be receipt blah blah.I already knew where the conversation are heading.Money."Lagay".In the end, he got himself a thousand bucks from us!I was like so mad,a thousand for a pull over and a sermon.

Now I have an idea how much policeman and those traffic enforcers are making through the day!They could earn 10thousand or more maybe before the day ends!An easy money.Hayyy..this country will never really go far with this kind of system.I forgot to turn on my video recorder I could've send it to XXX at ABS-CBN or Imbestigador or something I could have been popular and dead the next day!LOL!

Anyway,RR and I are on a talking mode again.I know what your thinking haha.We chat last night at YM.I'll tell you the details some time.

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jasperjugan said...

whoaa! 1k for a lagay? that's too much :S

and it's been a while since i heard someone flagging down someonw without a seatbelt. where was this?

Mac Callister said...

a little distance from naia.maybe he knew we have someone at the car from abroad.

:: cb :: said...

ouch. sakit nun!

Mac Callister said...

@cb--sinabi mo pa!kapal nila!

flamindevil said...

good to know that your mom is back.well,enjoy the moment while it lasts.

sorry mac ha.medyo busy ako these past few days. my family is here in KL din kasi.i haven't posted a comment for the longest time.naging lurker lang ako.hehe

teka, bakit nag yym na naman kayo ni RR?hmmmmm..ewan ko sayo!

Chronicler said...

You're excited about your mom's homecoming, I'm excited about my younger brother's visit over here in Las Vegas.
I go another blogger award for you. Congratulations!
Check out my blog The Daly Grind.

parteeboi said...

Ahahaha!!! I wanna have your mom as my mom too. She is naively funny and still feels like a mom, a great mom.

My dad is a police officer too. But he is in Davao, how I wish he can earn as much as 10K a day too. Ahehehe.

Herbs D. said...

ZOMG!. another addition to the HABA HAIR CHRONICLESSSS

Anonymous said...

we were asked to pay 100 us dollars from the airport to barangay karuhatan, valenzuela (kasi, aiport taxi daw sya). it's good that my "sundo" immediately decided to go down and took other taxi, but still we paid the driver 200 for that short ride. we paid 300++ to the 2nd driver and gave him 500...

hahaiizzz, pinas talaga! did you know that i am willing to give my hard earned dollar kung nagpumilit talaga yung tarandadong driver, buti na lang....

dubai, uae
now in davao

Mac Callister said...

@flamindevil--dont worry i know ur busy with them,no worries my dear!

@chrinicler--oh hopw you'll have a great time with him too.

oh another award??waaaaaaaaaaa!

@parteeboi--yeah my mom is a lot of fun she's so cool!were just like friends and stuff

@herbs--haha di naman a!

@marcens--hay naku now ka lang nagparamdam!hmmmpffffff

JC.TSU said...

ouch.. bakit naman 1k pa binigay nyo?? pangmeryenda pwede na dun sa mga un.. haayz.. policemen talaga.. tsk tsk tsk

anywayz congratz sa pagdating ng blonde mama mo.. hehehe.. enge pasalubong.. ^_^

Mac Callister said...

@JC--hay naku nung una 500 ang offer namin,but he said,he'll ask his superior ek ek e nagpapataas lang naman siya presyo obviously so when when we showed him a thousand pesos ayun pumayag na!