April 28, 2009


I was bored earlier so I surf the net more than usual and I stumbled upon this website (www.circumtitions.com) that opposed to genital mutilation they said they focus on intactness rather than on circumcision. You see its about penises so it got me interested!LOL

What intrigued me more to this website is that they gave some reasons not to have your genitals "modified" (click here) and what's really the function of our foreskin.They showed a lot of cases and photos of circumcision gone bad.Click here.In fact I found this website very educational, especially for us Filipinos who have this tradition that every kid should undergo this procedure.

They have a list of personalities who they said is still "intact". So here it goes...

Drum roll please...

Will Smith--actor "Hancock"

Robbie Williams--singer "Rock DJ"

Paul Walker (my love!) -- actor "The Fast and The Furious"

Nicholas Cage --actor "Knowing"

Leonardo DiCaprio (unbelievable?) --actor "Titanic"

Mario Lopez -- TV actor "Nip/Tuck"

Keanu Reeves --actor "The Day the Earth Stood Still"

Joaquin Phoenix -- "Walk The Line"

Jesse Metcalfe --actor "Desperate Housewives"

Jensen Ackles (this made me fall on my chair!LOL) --TV actor "Supernatural"

Javier Jay Hernandez (so cuteeee!) -- actor "Hostel"

James Blunt -- singer "You're Beautiful"

Gareth Gates -- UK singer "Anyone of Us"

Antonio Sabato Jr. -- actor "Charmed"

I saved the best for last hehe. Prince William, his royal yummy-ness...LOL!He's in their list but recently the paparazzi took a photo of him peeing..."cut"

Check it out!!!!

Ohh Lala...Lovely!look at the head!LOL(ang laki!)

They answered some questions or even doubts at this link-frequently asked questions.
To see more celebrities and personalities who they said is still intact you can go to this link- Gallery of Famous Intact Men.


Herbs D. said...

just perfect. at dahil kagigising ko lang. matignan nga haha

livingstain said...

hahahahaha... mga supot!

musta na mc.

REDLAN said...

Almost all europeans are uncut. I kknow leonardo dcaprio i uncut and keanu reeves. Prince william I guess is uncut too.

Sabi nila yung mga uncut raw ay matagal labasan. hehehe. I-survey nga natin ang mga girls.

umleo23 said...

LOL! binasa ko lang toh! Pero hindi ko kiniklik yang mga pinagbibigay mong URL Mac!!! Ayoko matulad dun sa isang reader mo na napagkamalang bading sa computer shop! wahahahahaha

:: cb :: said...

sabi nga nila may purpose daw yun.. i wonder what would happen kung di naman social requirement ang circumcision sa pinas. may magpapatuli pa kaya?

Mac Callister said...

@herbs--haha oo magigising ka!

@livingstain--im good,thanks!

@redlan--welcome back!oo nga sabi nila almost all european.

@umleo--hahaha wala ka naman sa computer shop ngayon e!click mo ang ganda kaya nun mga yun!LOL

@cb--e di masaya lahat supot LOL!

cynic123 said...

Dear Mac Callister,
read in the forums that Prince William isn't cut. Most uncut men pull back the skin when they pee. it's more sanitary.

@REDLAN, on the contrary, uncut men's penises are more sensitive, so they have a tendency to cum faster

@CB, according to some reports, circumcision cuts down the percentage of getting STD. Also, Circumcision is against the Catholic church, it's more a Jewish/Muslim practice. we got the practice from the americans

Mac Callister said...

@cynic123--thanks for being here and taking time to answer those comments hehe