April 24, 2009

Nominated! Me?!

If I haven't chat with the smart and slutty Herbs this morning I wont even know that I am nominated for blog of the week at Rainbow Bloggers Philippines. A site uniting all Filipino gay blogger all through out the universe LOL! I mean it started last Monday and what day is it now?!Friday!hahaha.So to that someone who nominate this humble blog thanks to you.I appreciate it!

So guys if you have time, please check out the site and vote for me. Only me!LOL!

and vote

Living The Expectations

for your blog of the week!yeahh!!!!


:: cb :: said...


Bleeding Angel said...

nakaboto na ako, sana manalo ka... ako kakanta ng "at last" sa neighborhood ball ha... i think u will be dancing with RR wahehehehehe

Turismoboi said...


Herbs D. said...

super late eh no?

Mac Callister said...

@cb--haha di pa nga nanalo!thanks na din sa vote mo!

@bleedingangel--haha i'd rather dance with you!LOL


@herbs--haha oo nga e!sana may email ek ek from the site na kesyo hoy nominated ka!LOL


Good Luck! Ive just voted.

U'll pay £10 per vote, right?


Andrew Mendoza said...

Congratz - phu

Mac Callister said...

@KJ--ahaha thanks!pay you?hmmm let me think!LOL

@andrew--thanks man!

Jonathan said...

I've voted for you and added you to my Yahoo messenger :) Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

Mac Callister said...

@jonathan--ei thanks!its alright!