March 3, 2009


I'm pissed.
Aunt who is here in Laguna asking for money again from my MOM.
Mom is sick in Dubai.Working extra time.
Why?She needed extra money to support my jobless uncle with her.
Why jobless?Due to other Filipinos who do nothing but to hurt one's reputation due to envy or to gain selfish ambitions.
And because he is jobless,there are unpaid loans.
He was put behind bars at Dubai.
Mom paid for his bail.More than a hundred thousand.
Where did my mom get all those money?Answer:working too hard and asking for friends to lend her money.Mom was problematic till now.She's helping uncle pays the remaining credits.Plus their everyday needs.
So Mom have big debts now thanks to uncle.
Why uncle have so many loans?Answer:He petitioned his crazy wife and kid to be at Dubai.
You know,the house,the schooling of the kid once they get there.All of it.Cost a lot.
The crazy wife of my uncle,was not happy and decided and insisted on going back to her beloved country.Philippines.
So now all of the effort and money used to get them was wasted.
And now,my super kind mother is the one suffering through all of that.
For this I wanna kill the crazy wife.LOL!
Since mom is so kind to relatives who are in need of money in Laguna
She looked for jobs for her two niece and fly them at Dubai.
When they got there,the other one was so lazy that her employer wanted her out.
And the other niece run away from employer.
The employer get back at my mom and wanted a refund for all the expenses.
Totally great!Right?So now I wanted to kill those nieces too!
So now I'm pissed.
Going back to the aunt whose here at Laguna
My mom is the one buying her medications.Monthly she receives money for it.
Mom asked us to give an amount to her since aunt said to my mom she's no money to buy foods!
Aunt is still strong and an expert seamstress.An old maid.
We asked her to moved in to us so that she wont have to worry about foods.
She refused!Great!
So maybe you already know what I wanted to do to her too right?LOL!

I mean come on!My mom have a lot of things going there right now,and she's sick maybe she don't visit a doctor because of those responsibilities she have with her relatives and wanted to save money!Damn them!All they do is ask and ask.Didn't they realized my mom had enough!Relatives thought once some one's working abroad that they have a lot of resources and no problems at all!

Its a good thing we are not adding burdens to my mom.We have a small Internet shop.My dad bought a passenger jeep and our hired driver gives us boundary everyday.And my sister's husband at Saudi always helps to our finances.Once I got my visa I will insist that mom to go home and leave all of those relatives at Dubai at their own!

Relatives are fun.But sometimes they are headaches too!And its pains me to have a kind Mother too!Wish she knows how to say NO too.I love you MOM.


Gram Math said...

i felt so sorry for your mom. have you tried talking to her about this? maybe she can try investing her money or saving for herself too she will get old sooner or later.

Bleeding Angel said...

mac i am also here in dubai, if your mom is near i can pay a visit sometimes.. are you coming over here? that would be nice man...

Mac Callister said...

@gram math-hay naku pano nga siya makaka save e lhat ng problema inako na niya and she's the one supporting my uncle who's with her at dubai nga till he find a new job.

you know,my mom should be living in luxery now,i mean she's there because she enjoyed her job,kaso nakulong nga uncle ko.

Mac Callister said...

@bleeding angel--haha thanks for the concern,san ka ba sa dubai?email me we i will give you my ym account and lets chat away hehe

dapat anjan na ko sa dubai,kaso inabot ako nung bago law about visit visas,so di ko n lang tinuloy,nagkataon natanggap naman ako sa hospital sa qatar kaya dun nalang ako.

atleast di ko makikita mga re;atives kong pasaway sa dubai haha

Anonymous said...

ang bad naman..! :(

MC said...

I feel sorry for your mom too. Nakakainis dahil yung mga kamag-anak akala nila pinupulot lang ang pera sa abroad no? sarap nila ipa-slide sa maraming blade na may kasamang kalamansi. LOL

Basta naiinis talaga ako,kailangan na ikaw pa mag-sacrifice para lang sa ibang tao.

MC said...

wwwaaaahhhh nawala yung comments ko,ang haba pa naman :(

Mac Callister said...

@danielyuson -sinabi mo pa!

@MC-- oh di ka na anonymous ngayon ha haha.napaka orig nman nung slide na my blade at kalamansi haha kakaibang torture yun a haha ginawa mo n ba yun sa mga kamag anak mo?hahaha

:: cb :: said...

thanks for dropping by! i've seen ur blog narin. nahiya lang ako magcomment.

your mom sounds like a good person. mahirap lang kasi minsan naabuso. why are most relatives like that? my mom can't say no either. nung hour of need na namin, sila naman naglaho. *sigh*

Mon said...

minsan talaga napakakitid ng mga utak ng mga kamag-anak porket nasa abroad yung tao akala nila pinupulot lang ang pera dun. tsk tsk,

LaKAs-nG-LoOb said...

Bakit nga ganun ang iba mga relatives tinutulungan mo na nga nang-aabuso pa...

Just like my mother she always help my autie pero kapag sinisingil na siya laging walang maibayad...hayss its so unfair!

rik32miles said...

Mc allister... I just discovered your blog from turismoboi..i find you very fascinating ( like looking back when I was 29..hahahh)
First thing first
1. so sorry about your mom taking all that responsibility..but I guess she can't bear just to standby and do nothing while her brother is in trouble.
2. I LOVE NEW MOON...I've the whole damn book in two days...can't put it down..and the last one (after eclipse) it's the best...specially the battle scene)
I won't ruin it for must read it
3. Mc allister....sort of reminds the character in Brothers and sisters..the senator played by Rob Lowe ( just wondering??)
4. Can I link? ( am polite!!hehheh)

Mac Callister said...

@rik32miles --i appreciate u being here at my humble blog!hope to see more of you.

yeah maccalisster is from rob lowe character i juts fell in love with his name hehe and i love brothers an sister too!

link?why not lets exchange links

rik32miles said...

yehey!! thanks will link you right away.
Thanks Senator!

Anonymous said...

your mom is really a good soul.bless her.sadly, there are really crazy people like these.

'give them a fish and they eat for a day.teach them to fish and they eat for a lifetime.'

goodluck macmac

MrCens said...

mac, at these times of trouble, pamilya lang ang sinasandalan ko. they inspired me to push myself more.

i feel sorry for your mom coz i think pamilya nya rin ang nagbigay sa kanya sa ganitong sitwasyon na wala namang may gusto.

communicate more often to your mom this time. assure her that no matter what happen, nanjan pa rin si mac... that he will love her unconditionally and forever.