April 4, 2009

Graduation Day

I'm so proud of him.My nephew...today is his graduation.After studying so hard,he deserved it.Now he's ready for the world,he has all the knowledge and tools to accompany him into his new life...oops!sorry I got carried away!He's just in nursery.LOL! We were at SM city event center for the commencement exercise.It was a combination of nursery,kinder,prep,grade six,and high school students since its a small private school.

I'm not taking it seriously since he's just in nursery!My sister was so anxious and all!OA!(Over-Acting,an expression of most pinoys when we find something exaggerating and unnecessary) haha.And besides,I didn't know that nursery do graduation.I thought it is the kinder level who does.So this June,he'll be in kinder and next, prep, both will have graduation from their school.So most probably every year for the next two years my nephew will be attending a graduation.Again...OA!

It was so boring.The program was so long.I dont know anyone there.I almost fell asleep,this is a great discovery! Since I had a hard time sleeping,now I know what can make me sleep!Attending graduations! LOL!.I just enjoyed myself looking at people and decided to make my own version of fashion police like in E!News.When I saw someone,I'll just smile to myself and say..that's a worst dress nominee...and that's my best dress nominee.

My winner for what-the-hell-are-you-wearing award, an award I made specifically only for her, the lady who wears this satin white dress with matching pearl earrings and necklace who looks like a Muslim princess and feels like attending a wedding.I wanted to give her a veil to complete her getup.Again...OA!Im glad my family have me and I wont allow my sister or my mom looks like a funny thing on these events just like how I was laughing secretly at those unfortunate clothing disaster individuals today!kidding!haha.

Well,I remember when I graduated from high school,Im worst too.My fashion sense was like flat zero! So baduy...so jologs..It was 1996,I was wearing this blue long sleeve polo with violet stripe on it,and I paired it with a red super loose pants!When looking back at those photos I was like "what I was thinking???!" good thing there's no bull in there,for all I know he might have killed me with his horns!I even look like a Philippine flag!Sooo Yuckie!I wanted to shake that memory off me!

I find some special awards given to the graduates amusing too,there was the award for most generous,most friendly,and most cheerful!It seems that they gave those to each student,so that everyone will have a medal,the only thing missing was the award for most daring student LOL! My eyeballs are rolling when the male high school salutatorian made his speech and said: "and lastly I would like to thank my very special someone..for giving me inspiration,without you I will not accomplish all of this,thank you,Rina..." at the end and everyone was like "wooooooh.Again..OA!

What I enjoyed most was looking for cute and sexy dad who attended instead of their wives.I'm surprised though,that i found "dads" sooo mouth watering too! Or maybe I just don't have much of a choice to put my attention on,so I settled for them?Whatever!hehe.When finally the very"exciting program" ends, we saw the in-laws of my sister waiting and I was like "Oh no!"haha we didn't invite that many, since this graduation of my nephew was just like a charade!

Of course we didn't have much of a choice but to treat everyone, one said "lets eat at Max's" and my sister snapped "we'll eat at jollibee!"(the cheaper fastfood) and I was laughing my ass off when she said that haha.We decided to dine-in at Shakey's instead.We ordered the cheapest combos.LOL!There's 12 of us so our bill was kinda painful still,since we thought there would be only 4 of us celebrating in the first place.And com'on guys its recession!(palusot haha)

We ordered everyone their "bunch-of-lunch" combo and two large pizza to be shared by all.

We tried this "Greek salad" but wasn't happy about it.

Anyway,at least we had fun and my nephew had his new toys from McDonald's,you know the toy figures from "monsters vs. aliens".


I saw "wolverine" last night when I heard it was leaked through the Internet,I was one of the fortunate people to download it using a torrent!It was an awesome movie!Loved it!Enjoyed it!It even surpass the first three x-men movie.Gambit was there and even cyclops on their pre-X-Xavier days and I didn't know that saber tooth(don't know if I spelled it right haha) and wolverine are brothers!


Herbs D. said...

the ceremony is that long shitty thing they just really want to have you go throught before actually reach freedom!

congrats sa nephew! BURGER! BURGER!

Turismoboi said...

wow congrats!

yummy ung food!

Mac Callister said...

@herbs--haha sinabi mo pa pati pagsabay sabayin ba naman lahat ng level hay naku!

@turismoboi--thanks-till the next graduation ulit next year haha.

LaKAs-nG-LoOb said...

congrats to your nephew..

super common...lagi naman gnun eh pag may celebration dapat may handa ka o kya treat mo cla (kya ubos lagi ang pera)....hehehe

Anonymous said...

ang favorite part ko talaga sa graduation eh yung kainan..hehe

Mac Callister said...

@lakas ng loob--hehe thanks.yeah expected na nga yun

@flamindevil--sabagay ako din yun ang gusto!

Jhoice said...

congrats to uR nephew, I thought he is on college, lols.! I actualLy don't have an idea on nursery's graduation, but i didn't thought it would be that long anyhoO, dat sounds fun for him=) ConGrAts && Goodluck =) BTW those foods looks yuMmy, haven't tried shakeys goodies yet..

Mac Callister said...

@jhoice--thanks for being here.its good by the way except for the plants we ordered LOL

Chris said...

congra to ur newphew ya...

Summer said...

Wow!Congrats sa nephew mo.;D
Yummy ang mga foods.;D
Hanggang sa susunod na graduation day..;D

Solo said...

Hey,congrats to your nephew.I'm sure you did to have great celebration on you nephew's grad..;D

Mac Callister said...

@chris--thanks till next year's graduation hehe

@summer--haha oo nga

@solo--it was fun and the graduate boy was so happy

JC.TSU said...

Waah.. I miss Shakeys.. T_T

Anyways, congrats to your nephew.. Handa na ba sya sa next level?? Dapat bilang tita (tama ba?? hehe) nya, tulungan mo sya.. Kung may mangaaway sa kanya, sabunutan mo! Wag kang papayag na apihin ang nephew mo.. War Freak lang!? Hehehe Joke lang..

Just remind him to appreciate his childhood.. Masaya maging bata.. Nakakamiss maging bata.. Waah


Kenji said...

Haha omgz!? The restaurant name is really jollibee!? Is it like a random name or does it mean something!? Sorry, to me who didn't understand it, it sounded family! :P

But the greek salad... sorry I have to say it don't look that appetizing! xD

(Psssh... I'm a sucker for good food, so don't mind me!) :P

Mac Callister said...

@JC--isang napakagandang payo mula sa iyo kaibigan hahaha,salamat!

@kenji--haha JOLLIBEE is a very popular fastfood here in the philippines,its the counterpart of mcdonalds!