April 16, 2009

One Night..One bed

"Will you be hurt if you learned that I had sex,and date and stuff?Reason I asked is because, I was like..I guess wondering, how would you react to your own medicine,a theoretical taste of your medicine...." -- RR

This is part 2 of my post entitled "Lets get Wet"

Everyone has left already and only 6 of us remained at the resort,me,Nick,Berna with her 2 niece and Sasha.After singing endlessly with a videoke everyone decided to call it a night and headed to bed after taking a shower,he even borrowed my towel.The maid prepared us the guest room,Sasha instructed her that Berna and her nieces will sleep on the mattress and me will have the big bed of the same room and Nick on the other hand will be staying at a small room with a small bed.

Berna was on a teasing mood and said "you better sleep in our room it will be fun!" and next thing I knew Nick occupied the bed that was intended for me!I said "hey you moron, that's my bed!Move out!" but he didn't, pretending he's sleeping already! And since I like the idea of him beside me,didn't put much effort on kicking him out.I said,hey get your own blanket that's mine,but he said"we don't need too much linen this is big enough for us".

Its been 6 years since we started this chasing game,of this flirting game.He would volunteer his pad every time I have trouble going home if its so late when the group went out.But always cancelled at the last minute so this is the first time we'll be actually on each other's company for the whole night,but of course with Berna and company at the distant floor.

"I prepared my place, in case you don't want to sleep here at Sasha's,I know how so demanding you are!" he said when the lights are off."So you didn't plan on sleeping here in the first place?" i asked."yeah,I thought we'll be going home and you will be sleeping at my place tonight in case we stay so late here" he added.

We cant sleep yet so one hour was spent on laughing because Berna was still in an energetic and happy talking mood.We talked about anything. Its fun, its like were on a camping trip haha.Nick would put his one leg across mine while talking at Berna who's at the floor.After a while,everyone was quiet.I positioned my self at the end of the bed and my back facing him,and so is he.There's a space between us in the middle.

I cant sleep.I was listening and wondering what this guy will do now,will he initiate the first move?shall I initiate it first?shall i touch his body?or would he touch me?If he touch me how would I react?shall I keep on pretending to be asleep?My mind was battling between right and wrong,whether if that would be a good thing or what?what if he dont wanna be touched?that I'm only imagining things between us?

Would I be cheating on RR?Even if he's not my bf yet and we haven't seen each other in person yet?Is this cheating already?ahh,my head are exploding!I decided to wait instead and pretend to be sleeping.Nick finally rolled over to my side,so close at my back,i could feel his breathing at my head,he's taller by the way,around 5'10",working as a clinical instructor, a mestizo guy.

He stayed at that position for a while,its so good to have him so close like that,I'm having a hard on and I pressed the pillow on it that's been lying on my side.I decided to turn around to see what he's gonna do and he started moving...going to the other direction this time,and his back in front of me again! haha. What the hell is this??? I said to myself!

This was our exact position that night looks like I swear!

Then he moved on closer to me again.Were both supine and so close.I don't want to do anything, that's what I decided. At least it wont start from me, I don't wanna be that aggressive,I thought to myself.And maybe that's what he's thinking too! haha so the whole night was spent with nothing ever happened and me shifting positions and he following and moving and back and on and on!

I'm glad nothing happened.Maybe its for the best. We are better off as friends.Many people will be affected if this sex thing will go on.And I don't wanna ruin everything between us, that I'm proud of myself, I never thought that I have so much self control, I've always been so "maniac" about having sex!haha being the aggressive one, look what happened between me and Perry before!(click here)

In the morning,I was the first one to wake,but still lying on the bed and i took off the blanket and exposing my whole body...I'm in a teasing mood haha.My tight shorts are like exposing all of my legs that looks indecent enough and I was like scratching my crotch and I caught his eyes staring!But I ignored it and I've been smiling secretly...


Frustrated Doctor said...

good for you may self control ka. baka kung ako nun eh sinunggaban ko na. lol!

Herbs D. said...

zomg! you whore! kasinungalingan to Mac! maniwala! sa libog mong yan?! hahahahaha. masakap kaya kita ng goldbar! hehe

char lang! mwah mwah

Anonymous said...

there's got to be more to this story, you need to blog more about what happened after he watched you scratching your privates... lol you're such a tease! lol... BLOG MORE!!! i can't wait! hehe...

Bleeding Angel said...

talande ka talaga! kainggit naman...wahhh so sweet...

Mac Callister said...

@frustrated doctor--yeah i got the best muscle control ever?LOL

@herbs--haha ano ka ba santo kaya ako LOL!

@starfish--haha yun na lahat lahat noh piniga ko na!haha

im worried nga na ma over blogging na ako haha at malunod na kayo sa dami ng blog entries ko kaya ayoko naman ng ganun baka magsawa mga readers ko haha

@bleedinh angle--aba an dalas mo ata sa blog ko a!

Summer said...

Uiy...Gling mo nman..Nkapag-control kpa sa lagay na yon?!whehehe..
O bka nahiya ka lang dhil naisip mo si RR?
Anoh na blita sa knya?hihi

Solo said...

Uy may ganon kpa?
May self control kpa plang natitira.whehehe

Mac Callister said...

@summer--ayun we're still talking naman.

@solo--oo nga e!im good!LOL

Kenji said...

Ohh geez... I find it funny I'm anticipating the next paragraph the more I read it! But yes, good thing you didn't do anything man! Sometimes it's best friends remain friends! xD

Mac Callister said...

@kenji--i agree with you,but i want to get a taste of him some time LOL!