April 30, 2009

Ex Call

When I woke up this afternoon, my sister asked me if Jaireh called me, he's my ex boyfriend way back hmm, August last year.I introduced him to her once.

I said "no,why?"

and she said "he called up your other phone "(my smart sim phone, which i lend to my mom for a while)

"what about?"i added.

"Well i asked who he is,he said he's Jaireh,but I cant remember who he was at first,I continued asking him,like,i don't know you,why are you looking for Mac?"

My sister have this habit of prying into my affairs !the annoying-I'll-mind-your-business-type LOL. Natural lang siyang pakialamera talaga!!! I said why you just didn't tell him to call back instead of interrogating him!

"I wanna know who he is!So what!I asked him if he is the the call center guy? he said NO, are you the guy with eyeglasses?he said yes.Have you been here, in our house? he said yes,just once.But I kinda forgot how he looks like,he said he's the nurse guy from cavite" she continued talking to me while I eat my lunch at 4 in the afternoon.

"You told me to text my mom that I'm spending the night at your house when I was there, he told me, then I remember him finally!" she sat beside me at the table, my eyeballs are rolling listening to her

I was laughing because she got confused between Jaireh and JL! JL is the call center guy and Jaireh is the nursing student.Both she have met.

"Jaireh asked if there's too many guys you have introduced to me after that I forgot about him,I answered him, like, YOU BET!" she added. I threw a piece of carrot on her!

"What happened to him,by the way,why did you two broke up he seems like a nice guy a!" ugh,when is she gonna stop bugging me haha

I ignored her and asked her impatiently why Jaireh called in the first place.

"He's asking you to send your resume at his email ad, he wants to copy your format."

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:: cb :: said...

haaay.. siblings... haha that's all i can say,

Mac Callister said...

@cb--yeah sometimes she's annoying but i got used to it already hehe

Summer said...

haha,msanay kna nga dhil i think forever na syang ganyan.hahaha..;D


Solo said...

Ganyan tlga mga sister pakialamera.hahaha


Mac Callister said...

@summer--sinabi mo pa!

@solo--she's funny at times naman ehehe

Turismoboi said...

zo naalala ka niya dhl za rezume mo leche kung ako yan hindi ko izezend

maghanap cya ng ibang macocopyahan niya leche!

affected hahaha!

JC.TSU said...

Lolz.. Minsan talaga di mo maiwasang maging chismosa or at least maintriga about sa nangyayari sa isang person.. Lalong lalo na kung tungkol sa mga past na nagpaparamdam ulit.. Hehehe


Mac Callister said...

@JC--nanghingi lang siya favor haha pati were friends nalang

Renan said...


line of flight said...


Mac Callister said...

@renan and lineofsight--hey guys thanks for being here

REDLAN said...

Parehong J kasi kaya nalito yung sister mo. hehehe