April 15, 2009

Lets Get Wet

Last Monday I was at Batangas for our swimming, got so excited to go that’s why the first bus I rode was the wrong one, when I was telling the conductor where I will be going, he said “ah, sir, this bus will not go that way…you just have to transfer to another bus…” hahaha (imbyernadette sembrano tuloy ako!) there, no choice but to get out and wait for another bus at the high way with that heat and with no shade at all! I’m so stupid!

Speaking of heat, it was so freaking hot that the lower part of my shirt was soaking wet with my sweat!I could feel the perspiration dripping from my thighs! haha. I wonder what my balls would smell like that time! salted eggs? LOL. When I got to the meeting place Berna and her two nieces are the one’s waiting for me, the others are so late!

So I decided since am not in the mood for waiting to my “premadonna friends” haha we headed without them!and just texted them that we’ll be seeing them at the place. They should be the one waiting for me not the other way around. LOL (nagmamaganda?haha) I was like receiving a lot of complaints from them after that, told me Im such an impatient bastard and said ”di ka naman atat ha dyesebel???!!!

The place was wonderful, so pretty. It is own by my friend Sasha, you know the one who gave me a Tommy watch last Christmas, it’s a private pool /mini resort. OMG Im so happy about the food there’s a lot, so good and lots of prawns too! I never actually spent a single penny on this outing haha it was all on Sasha! Felt guilty though I was the one who planned this and yet I let her take all the executions hahaha, well she didn’t mind, she’s rich you know!

At the back of my mind, I'm thinking of him…RR. At the dark pool area, I was texting him,he replied, I know he’s trying to accommodate me with his busy schedule, we agreed that we’ll try this to work out between us for a week if we can survive each other, with him being so busy with school work and me waiting for him to have time. I don’t know.

Maybe it will work out, maybe not, I'm not sure. But I like him. I promised him that I’ll be patient. I even got a dream of him and me together hehe.If its not meant to be, its not. Nothing can do about it .. Anyway, the whole day and night was spent over a lot of great and big laughs with great foods and red wine too.

At first they were pressuring me to sing the videoke but no one made me haha but before midnight no one could get the mic off me! LOL. I sang my heart’s out to the songs like “the sign”,”disturbia, which the only correct lyrics I made was dum-dum—dee-dum—dum-dum by the way ,because I cant seem to catch the right thing hahaha.

I sang “no air”,” no one”, ”we almost have it all”(o dib a Whitney ang drama haha) and my favorite through out the night…”wag mo ng itanong” by the Eraserheads I think I sang that for like a hundred times already! LOL. One of the closest friends I have since working at my former hospital is Nick, I know he’s gay but not admitting it to me. And me to him.

I don’t know, we have this kind of sexual connection that we cant get through….Its like were flirting for a very long time now, a flirting that cant get anywhere. Maybe were both testing our grounds and afraid what this might do to the friendship. Thats why till now, nothing has ever transpired between us. While doing videoke with the group, he would give some light and quick touch on my hands that as if it was an accident.And I would cacth those soft hands and hold it for a while.

My leg debut here at the net haha

We even sang together using one mic and felt like were almost kissing haha his mouth was so close to mine that I could smell both alcohol and.. fish!LOL. He’ll play drums using his fingers over my hairy legs and would pull some hair on it and laugh after doing while others are singing and in return I’ll put my right arm around his bare shoulders and I would feel he’ll lean over me closely and feel each other’s warmth.

Our body so close was like burning with desire to go upstairs and fuck LOL! But I wouldn’t.Our friendship is so important to me and I don’t know what sex might do to it.Its too risky, maybe he knew it too. So its been 6 years that were playing this game now.But I'm not thinking relationship, ok, its just sexual. Just physical attraction.

But this night was not like any other night, we’ll be spending the night together at Sasha’s guest room together. The first time. One bed. One blanket. Cold room…And I’ll be telling more about that next time this entry is too long already hahaha. See yah guys!


Herbs D. said...

and RR might be reading this. and your leg hair is just yum yum hahaha. random much? i know :P

Mac Callister said...

@herbs--i confessed about it sa kanya before i posted this hehe.

Kenji said...

Omgz! You better not do anything~! Poor RR! But hey! If your friends dun mind you over and have a free outing, I would go too! Especially if it is food AND swimming! xD

Mac Callister said...

@kenji--i told about it at RR dont worry hehe,i assured him thats its nothing but sexual thing haha.

sure come get here and lets have a great swim!

Turismoboi said...

so balbonic

Herbs D. said...

hantaray. MAY GANUN! hahahah

Bleeding Angel said...

kaw pala ang talande eh wwahehehehehe, nasa office pa naman ako now, kung ano ano tuloy na imagine ko wahhhh... P.S. di ako makatayo sa upuan ko, naka tuck-in ako, and something is twitching wahhhh...

Mac Callister said...

@bleedingangel--atleast they would know you are "tigasin" di ba haha

stainedheart said...

ang landi mo kaya? hahahaha. ikaw ha..

rik32miles said...

Fotah!! ka talagah puro kalandian ang pinag iisip mo!!hahahha malivog kah!!
me RR ka na..sumasideline ka fa dyan!...makati ka pa sa gabing Bicol..dapat sa yo gawing laing!!!LOL

Mac Callister said...

@rik32---haha di kaya!kung mkikita mo lang the self control i have that night you'll be impressed hmmmpfff!