April 30, 2009


I was supposed to post this last week but totally forgot, and that I agree on it until he texted me tonight.When I was on my way at Makati last Friday,I received a text message from Randall again (click here to read more about him) He's been bugging me for many days now..

"Did you miss playing with me?I did."
"I want you...I'll pay the motel room..."

I told him I'm busy, my mom is here and were going out a lot.And besides, I'm happy with my porn-site-"career" lately haha!

I think I'm becoming like those guys who preferred wanking rather than having the actual sex itself!!!

He's trying to convince me..."the bastard is too horny" I thought so, he's desperate to have a f*ck! He texted me Friday and he wanted to have our f*cking session on that coming Sunday! I ignored him. And I think he's in love with me, but i cannot love him back. Its just a friendly-f*ck!haha is there such a thing??!

Until he sent me this messages:

"I miss your cock inside my ass..Mac"
"I wanna sit on your hard c*ck so fast while you're biting my nipples"

"I want you to ripped off my pants and..."
"f*ck me so hard that I screamed so loud while we're still wearing our clothes on..."

I texted back:

"Damn you!Meet me next Sunday!" LOL

It got me so turned on that I immediately had a hard on...I wanna put my hand inside my pants to adjust the position of my penis because it was painful growing in an uncomfortable position haha.

Now I gotta stop wanking starting today! I need to save up!LOL. Anyway I posted interesting bulgeness here.Check it out!

The oh so cute and delicious Prince Harry!Look at that thing!Was that a cellphone or what???!(talong) haha

Now I wanna watch every sport event with athletes wearing this!


rik32miles said...

Malivog ka talaga teh!!! Over!

pano na si RR?

bigay mo na lang ym nya sa kin!!!
hahahaha pagnasaan ba? hahahahah

Mac Callister said...

@rik32miles--u have a lot of back reading to do!haha extra ka kaya sa awards night ko!

Turismoboi said...

omg ur doing webcam shows!,

patay tayo dyan baka magkajakulan tayo ah!


Mac Callister said...

@turismoboi--jakulan talaga term haha!hindi ako webcam show dont worry di pa tayo nakapag paraosan LOL,i mean mga porn site lang trip ko and wanking with it!haha

Herbs D. said...

i tend to be high on hormones too lately. must be the rain. ..

Bleeding Angel said...

ayan something is peeping on my belt tuloy grrr........

:: cb :: said...

haha go lang!!! booking lang ng booking! basta safe. hehe

nice pics.. sabi ko na mana mana lang yan. naalala ko tuloy yung umiihi naman kuya nya.

Mac Callister said...

@herbs--you're just really a horny person!LOL

@bleedingangel--pasilip nga hehe

@cb--hehe oo they are gifted!LOL


Hay MC......

quiet na lang muna ako.

StarFish said...

lol... did i tell you how much i love the pics you post on your blog... cuz i do! haha...

have a great weekend!


karakrus said...

ui. inadd po kita sa blogroll ko. sana i-add mo din po ako ha!

karakrus said...

naks naman. hehehe! kalibugan at it's peak. so ano na next???

Mac Callister said...

@KJ--haha di ako sanay KJ!

@starfish--thanks mah friend,nabasa mo ba yun isang post ko sinali kita e LOL

@karakrus--hey,thanks!ok i will

flamindevil said...

huy macmac ikaw ang peek of the week ko ha.

bilis tingnan mo. upper right corner,ganda ng billing mo. daig mo pa nanalo sa lotto. hehe

Mac Callister said...

@flamindevil--hay naku its about time noh LOL!

JC.TSU said...

Nice naman.. Sex goddess ka siguro para mabaliw sya sayo.. Hehehe..

Galing galing naman.. Siguro dala ng malamig na panahon toh.. Or nung summer pa, siguro pampalabas init yan..

Be safe friend.. Mahirap na.. Nagkalat na ang sakit..

Sarap ng mga bakat.. ^_^

Mac Callister said...

@JC--di naman hehe!always safe ako pa!