October 2, 2008

"Wrong Signals Part 1"

I received a text message today from a person I never thought will ever talk or even text me after what happened between us months ago! His name is Perry (not his real name).He is a nurse at the hospital I used to work in,(I resigned last april) and I am the therapist. We are lucky because we have our own laboratory where it is airconditioned and we have the privacy to do whatever we want inside as long as we lock the door and close the blinds! hehe. And that includes taking a nap during night shifts! We wait for calls if they need us, and most of the time there’s none for like 3 or 4hrs and we take that opportunity to sleep and rest. Unlike nurses they stay at the stations, they cant take a nap, and they can be seen by everyone approaching them including patients and relatives.

And Perry becomes close to me he ask for some help or advice with regards to patients care, which I gladly do, and by the way I have a crush on him! Hehe .I don’t know I get attracted to those a bit effeminate or “malamya” guys. Im not much into those very musculine and manly guys, I like my “guys” to be a little on the feminine side hehe but not much ok I like to clear that haha. After a while he shyly asked me if he can stay at our lab after his duty (because he’s on the 2-10pm shift and he cant go home there’s no more ride so he has to stay at the hospital till 5am) so I say ok why not (and Im kilig inside) I have Brenda as my assistant that time and I told her Perry coming over. So I prepared our mattress on the floor there’s a wall between my area and Brenda’s and she have her own mattress. She told me “O, Mac pagkakataon mo na reypin mo na! haha” and I laughed at the thought I said "no"

I cant do that! haha and besides I think he’s in the denial stage of his sexuality.
And so he came and he didn’t say anything when he was told by Brenda that he will sleep beside me that my mattress was big enough for two people (I have told Brenda to say that to make it convincing haha) He took his polo off and I saw him in his sando (he is skinny but his arms and chest are sexy) he still wearing his pants.

And we go to sleep.. but I cant help my self but watch him sleep.. his breathing. .his lips.. I wanted to kiss it…then the phone rings..its from ER and according to the nurse I was needed there at once! And so I rushed to the ER and saw that there was a stab wound victim and he is not breathing we did a quick intubation and did a CPR but the patient died…and I’ve been there for 2 hrs and now its 5am when I got back at the lab Perry was preparing to go home.

He said thanks and added “sa uulitin” and I smiled secretly at Brenda hehe. And she said “I will tell Brian that ur such a slut!!” and my eyes open wide and told her (Brian was my bf at that time) “No, your not gonna tell my wife that! Haha” Of course it was just a joke from her I have her loyalty or I’ll have her assassinated!hehe

............................to be continued..................................

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jonniembus said...

haha. patayin daw si Brenda. >:D

Cool. Anymore stories about this Perry? :) Ang kilig naman haha