December 2, 2008

Meet The In-Laws

Today was another nice day for me,I was with my only sister and her husband and we're headed at mabini street,malate manila to do some matters and I got the idea to invite JL as well since it was already his off that morning from work and I thought its a good time to meet his in-laws hehehe.At first he thought he was only meeting me at robinson's place ermita and when he saw that I wasn't alone I could see his eyes wide opened at me giving me the silent message:whats this???you set me up!! I just ignored him and introduced him to them.He had no choice but to meet them haha.

And since it was lunch time we decided to dine at Max's, ofcourse my sister was the one paying haha ang JL wants to share the bill but I told him not to. The kare-kare and chopsuey was great!
After eating,me and my brother-in-law had to go to this office and that means JL will be spending some time with my sister alone while waiting for us haha I could see his uneasy-ness I just snapped at him and said "just stop the opo-thing! and when she talks to you,you just answer and be yourself you dont have to impress her.

We came back 1hour later and found the two person I love happily bonding and having a nice chat together at the mall.This is a nice thing really.And Im happy about it.After a few more hours my sister and her husband decided to go home,and I said JL invited me to their house and that they should go ahead.

When we came there her sister and his small cousin was only people at the house.Its a relief on my side haha.We stayed at his room upstairs and I kissed him for about hmmm....a long time.And it was so funny the bed was so noisy I cant help but felt embarrased when its time to face them when we have to go.While riding the LRT sitting together going to Gil Puyat station its was 8pm already,I saw JL closed his eyes because he was so sleepy I could imagine his headache at that time,cause he didnt get any sleep at all since last night because I invited him for today that instead of him having a good sleep at home he was with me! and he have to go to work again tonight.I just look at him lovingly and said to myself "this guy must truly love me...."

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Anonymous said...

i like your blog...
wholsum ang dating just disturbed with the series of "haha" ..hhehe.. sorry
but its nice really