April 29, 2009

I won! Yes!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, lets welcome our presentor for the next award...Janina San Miguel and Manny Paquiao! (audience applaud)

Manny: Janena, its so neys tu beh her
Janina: Me two, Manny, in pact I dont peel eni pressure rayt now, ahaha!
Manny: Thats gud ,no prey-sure huh! Enewiy, lit's us prisints toh-nights catigureh.
Janina: Aha-ha-ha, hi to my pamily pala! okey Menny, dah nominis for blag op da week is...are...hah-hah...i ken do dis! (heavy breathing...) this is it...ahm, nominis...

"Gay in the Philippines" (audience applaud),
"Living The Expectations"(audience cheering-shouting really-really loud, I mean really loud!that it can he heard to hongkong LOL),
"The Barefoot Baklesa" (mild applause),
"The McVie Show" (audience applaud again)

Manny: Vee-rie good Jenena! Now da weyner es... (drum roll)

Living The Expectations! Maccallister!

The confetti's fell from the helicopter ...Everyone from the audience gone crazy!The cockpit center was filled with cheering and excitement when my blog was announced!

They dimmed the stage and the fake smoke was visible as I walk from the center and have the spotlight on me! (I was literally holding a flashlight on top of my head to complete the effect) It felt like I'm such a big star already! LOL

Then the dancers came...I wanna say that I didn't prepare for this, this was impromptu you know, they forced me on this.

They took off my trench coat and revealed my costume....


And the music played and we danced to "jai--ho...jai--hoooo!!!!!aja-aja--jaja...sisi--mo--no--may--man...jai--ho!...jai--hoh!

I saw Obama and queen Elizabeth carrying a banner "we are solid maccallister fan!"

Starfish and Rik32miles on the other hand fainted due to so much excitement! LOL.I saw them being rushed to the faith-healer standing by, the show are very well prepared, they knew that many people will rush to the event since I'm one of the nominees LOL! i hope they're both OK now.

On the dark spot I saw RR..as usual he's crying, for happiness LOL! this time he's holding a bowl under his eyes

After an hour, my impromptu-forced-on-me-dance-number was finished and I accepted the award.There was a wide silence all through out the cockpit center except for the coockooing of the roosters...candles and cellphones are lit through the dark arena as I speak...


Thanks to all who voted and supported me on Rainbow Blogger Philippines Blog of the Week. To my friends, don't worry my men will free your family member tonight from our safe house, they are no longer in danger, don't worry.

To all who continues to read my posts and my non-sense please don't stop.LOL!

To all my visitors even though you just scan my pages, that still gives me hits!hehe

To all who leaves their comment, thank you!

and lastly I hope I could win a boyfriend next time LOL!

Ok enough of this!

Thanks peeps!


Herbs D. said...

at dapat may premyo ako for making sabi sayo na nasa RBP ka! :P and voting for you first!

Turismoboi said...



Anonymous said...

Wow! heavy ang imahinasyon ng friendship ko! hahahaha. baklang bakla! o dibah, hindi ka maloka? eniwi, Congrats, pasalamt ka at nag vote ako. hahaha. mwah!

Andrew Mendoza said...


Mac Callister said...

@herbs--salamat haha eto kiss ko sayo Mwaaaaaaaaaaaa!


@stainedhesrt--haha mana ako sayo!LOL!salamat!


:: cb :: said...


MON said...

WOW! Did you really WIN? amazing!! pa-burger ka naman! i voted for you!!

Mac Callister said...

@cb and mon--salamat!hahaha

JC.TSU said...

Hwow tumambling naman ako sa naganap na awards night teh.. hHehehe

Galing galing congrats friend.. Good thing di nasayang ung vote ko sayo.. Hehehehe Peace.. ^_^

JIMG29 said...

jhellow mcdarleeng...congratzchuleytshun 2 yor awarddzz...well deservedd!!!

Chris said...

Long time no c u, come n visit u now. ;)

Mac Callister said...

@JC--salamat sa bote next time ulit sa senado naman LOL!

@jimg26--salamat!balik ka dito!hehe

@chris--i know,welcome back!

turmoil said...

congrats po.

vario said...

ahhahah may ganung factor? hindi naman po Bowl ang hawak ko, balde po hahahahhahahahha

congratulations mac

Mac Callister said...

@vario--hehe joke lang yun baka maoffend ka.thanks anyway,sa greet at sa visit. :-)

Mac Callister said...

@turmoil--hehe nababaliw ako ng sinulat ko yan masyado natuwa e LOL

JC.TSU said...

Lolz.. Kahit presidente pa ng Pilipinas, go iboboto kita.. Lolz..

MC said...

alam mo ba binoto kita :D Pramis