April 1, 2009

Looks Like Insomnia

I always envy my friend Berna when it comes to sleeping...I mean the minute she lie her back on the bed instantly,that very moment,you'll hear her snoring!She could sleep while doing her thing at the toilet bowl for all I know!While the unfortunate me,it took me a while to have my most awaited sleep.I cant go to wonderland right away no matter how sleepy I was.I have to beg for it to come to me,so many shifting of positions,adjustments,etc.I've done it all.

I've done counting sheep's jumping at loops, counting cows, even counting pubic hairs!I even tried to not to think of anything,but still the same,everyday its like this.I think I'm a bit of insomniac.But just the a minor case I guess hehe.It'll take me about more than an hour before finally get to sleep.My eyes are closed but my mind are like so awake!I hate it!Tried sleepings pill,but stopped later.Dont wanna have an addiction.

And when I finally got my sleep,with a slight noise- bam!I'm awake already!then I'm back to square one!Then I discovered: Cotton balls.My new ear companion!LOL. And when there's no external interruption,my own body will try to wake me: full bladder!Waaaa! I just cant ignore it.Then I have to pee.Our bathroom is located at our kitchen like 20 steps from my room!Peeing likes bothering me for about three times in my eight or nine hours of sleeping time.

Of course "the spirit of sleep" that I've been dying to possess me will go away the moment I stepped out of my room! Good thing I discovered my new friend,saved me from those 20 steps, thanks "piknik"

Such a useful thing..my new "arinola" I love you!


Anonymous said...

mac, favor naman sa yo beh please vote for my blog "i came out under the BED not from the CLOSET" sa http://www.rainbowbloggers.com/ thank you talaga. ill return the favor someday. mwah... PS.. nag post kaya ako sa MIRC... binan kaya ako.huhu. :0 mga tarantadog operators

Anonymous said...

LOL! marc's like that, soon as he in bed, a few seconds later all you hear is a loud snoring noise... lol me, i lay there for atleast 30 mins or so before i fall asleep... i hate that... and what's with the "pik nik" cans? lol i don't get it!

have a great week!



robbie is a friend of mine, he's got his own blog, you should talk to him, he's supper nice!

Mac Callister said...

@stainedheart--sure,i will.ah,what about the mirc?di ko nagetz hehe

@starfish--haha its my ihian ano ba!LOL

Crazy TL said...

funnee the arinola. coolet!

rik32miles said...

Imbyerna yang si "berna" na yan ha! I have the same problem and I wake up at 3am everytime...I always call my friend in the states kasi gabi pa lang sa kanila we talk till 6am and then I need to get ready for work. Waaaaah!!!no wonder I look like an addict in the morning...hehehehe!

XanFactor said...

piknik huh...?


i would never look at a piknik the same way again...

Mac Callister said...

@TL--aba himala naligaw ka ulit dito hmmpf!

@rik32miles--haha atleast im not alone in this,now im happy LOL.

@xanfactor--haha its not that bad naman a!

rik32miles said...

Aba me insomia ka nga lolah! 1.30am na dyan gising ka pa!
not that I eat piknik..but I'm never gonna eat that thing ever again now na arinola na lang tingin ko dyan...heheheh

Turismoboi said...

20 steps from ur room? malaki cguro house mo?

richie rich ika wb yan?

:: cb :: said...

haha nakakatawa naman! ako gumana ang classical conditioning. when i listen to norah jones, bigla akong nakakatulog.

Antoine Greg said...

hey how r yu!?
heheh am back!

imsoMia fevver is it ni Craig David.

Summer said...

Oh my god!!!
That was my favorite snack,and your only "arinola"!=)
Grabe k nman..hehehe=)

LaKAs-nG-LoOb said...

..haha buti na lang minsan lang ako kumain nun...^_^

RONRIC said...

enge piknik.. hehehe by the way thanks for droppin by and the comment in my blog..

Nonoy said...

Really!?Pik-nik cans is your "arinola"?!
Bigat mo friend..;D I always admire your post,and even your blog.I enjoy being here.And visiting these blog keeps me smiling every day..o bongga dba??lol;D

Gram Math said...

ewww hahahha, this post really made my day.
tnx to piknik, *wink.


pills are nice....

how about wearing condom catheter every nite?

Mac Callister said...

@turismoboi--di naman,maliit lang bahay namin,talagang malayo lang cr namin hehe iisa pa!kainis!

@cb--may mga ganun nga,just listening to a mellow music they can actually sleep.how i wish im like you.

@antoine--yeah i borrowed craig david song hehe,i love that song by the way.

@summer--that the best thing i can come up with a urinal e haha.

@lakas ng loob--pede ka pa din naman kumain nun lagi e haha

@ronric--u r welcome

@nonoy--thanks man

@gram math--hehe buti naman,hulog talaga ng langit un lata na yun,LOL

@KJ--haha and put on hospital gown as well LOL!

Herbs D. said...

i usually watch porn before i go to sleep. the 'ol remedy never fails though hahaha. you know what i mean ;)

try reciting all Heroes on "HEROES" with their superpowers and imagine yourself with THAT superpower and how you'll use it.

Anonymous said...

counting sheeps has never worked for me.

pero mas nakakatulog ako pag maingay.ewan ko kung bakit.hehe

syempre,mas masarap matulog pag may kayakap.awww

Mac Callister said...

@herbs--hay naku mas lalo ako di makakatulog nun!haha

@flamindevil--haha that wont work for me either,especially if im with someone.haha

Chronicler said...

Hahahaahah so funny Mac. I dont find difficulty in sleeping right away once I hit the bed but I've noticed lately that at exactly 5 hours after, I'd wake up and this time its so hard to get back to sleep. I havent done your "arinola" thing though...hehehehe

Mac Callister said...

@chronicler--good for you u can sleep right away!im totally jealouse hehe.