August 25, 2008

Our first night hehe

Hello peeps.Its our first time to spent the night together(u know to sleep what else u have in mind?hmp)I introduced him to my sis and dad,but i told them he is a friend but maybe they already got the idea that he is my partner hehe.

Everything was fine,we had a great time together we watched tv together and browse the net for a while,he enjoyed playing some games on yahoo free games hehe.
He went home the next morning.I fell asleep after he left.So that was it hehe.We did a lot of picture taking haha we are laughing at every funny picture we had.It was a fun night.Ciao!


Anonymous said...

why did u skip the juicy details???hahaha

brenda said...

wow u look happy with!hope you will stay strong together,godbless

jaireh said...

it was a hmmmm.. secret... hehe.. bhe i want to sleep with u.. nxt time?

-its me jaireh