December 12, 2008


We all have needs right?And one of that is sex haha.Wheather with your girflriend or with your boyfriend like mine,where else is the right place to do it if the house is not available?Well,go to Sogo Motel! There's lot of motel out there but Sogo is the only one i've been,and so far I love it there.The rooms are decent enough,clean,comfortable, they have cable tv,and ofcourse porn channel as well too bad they dont have M2M haha!

Their rates are affordable too.We usually chooose the 12 hour rates,ofcourse we dont do all sex from morning till night(I know what you're thinking!) its the place where we can bond,where we can cuddle and kiss with no one to think of that might see us or might not like what were doing.They have a free dinner for two.The best time to check in is from 8pm so that you will check out at 8am.Or maybe 6pm to 6am but its too early thats why we like the 8pm or later.

Their rates are as follows: 12 hours for 800+ ; 9hours for 500+ ;3hours for 350+ im not sure with the exact price anymore(next time i'll copy their list for yah guys) their rates are higher during the weekend,so its best time to go from monday to thursday. You can order foods too.I dont like the idea of waiting at their waiting area where you can see by everyone its a good thing they put some division to every chair atleast when you see someone you know you can easily hide at the wall haha!

At first what we usually do I will be the one to enter first and talk at the information and pay while my boyfriend waits outside waiting for my text when its ok to come up and vice versa.In that way people in the lobby or waiting area wont think were together hehe.But lately we just enter at the same time,whatever!

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