April 18, 2009

I'm One of Them!LOL

I asked my sister to buy me a sun sim card today, its her money by the way so thanks to her haha!RR asked me last time if I have a sun cell so that we could talk more on the phone,many of my friends are using it too, since its the cheapest cellular network in the country I mean in terms of calls, they have an unlimited feature for all day for a certain amount compared to other networks,so i have one.

This is convenient to couples who wants to be in touch with each other without spending much.I called this before "the mag-jowang-kuripot" phone!LOL! Its fun though, you get to speak to someone all day all night just for 25 pesos!Imagine that!But the service sucks!You gotta dial at least 10x before your call get through.Its a matter of being patient!or else this might get your high blood pressure's high!

I talked to RR for a long time, he's one of the reasons that I bought this. So there we talk,there's just a slight "thing" I'm bothered about.Anyway,I called Pao instead, I dated him last year and he's offering me a call center job at Makati a few days ago and I inquired about the details and all about the job, he even suggested that we could look for a place to live.Meaning me and him living together!haha!He still likes me.But I'm honest about him that I don't feel the same way.Got worried about by the number of I love you's he said during our two hours talk haha!

FYI:I'm still waiting for my visa from a hospital abroad, but i decided to look for something else to make me busy while waiting. I'm considering this call center job, but kinda worried about Pao, what if I found someone else and we're working together and he might accused me that I used him just to get the job?

On the other hand, I chat with Bleedingangel (of mybleedingangel.blogspot.com) last night, thanks to him I had a blast! He made my night worthwhile! It was a fun talk! He's so adorable and even teasing me that "Don't be like that, or else I might develop a special feelings for you!" haha it made me giggle but of course I know he's joking and he's so far! he's at Dubai!

Im looking forward to more fun chat with him.He took my worries away. That's all Im missing lately.Anyway,I'm having a good time with this unlimited calls, Im calling everyone!haha.See yah!


Kenji said...

Yeah right! Bet you won't call me all the way in Canada!! But then again, I don't talk much! xD

Mac Callister said...

@kenji--too expensive!!!this unlimited calls is good only in the philippines hehehe