December 1, 2008

Things I Love About JL

(picture taken from movie:bangkok love story)

I have enumerated some of the things that keeps me loving him and will continue on loving JL,these are the things that gives me inspiration and the things that I think of everytime I'm pissed off with him haha!

I love it when--he suddenly became quiet the next day(nag inarte hehe) and I didnt know his reason for doing so,I asked him and he said "wala lang"but knowing me im so makulit...just because he wanted to hug me while were sleeping but I said "just let me sleep,for a while ok"...I didnt know that he took it so seriously hehe,and I already forgot all about it in the morning,because Im the type of person who cannot sleep with something on my leg or arm or anything that will obstruct my movement while sleeping.After I learned about it I smiled at him and teased him"ah,yun lang ba?Asus "to naman!"

I love it when--he said "pipilitin ko may maka-swap ng schedule basta matuloy lang tayo"

I love it when--he's sleepy and just came out from a night shift and yet he still have the energy to enjoy our date and be with me.

I love it when--he wanted me to bring to their house and meet his family(but I said not now!nag iinarte hehe)

I love it when--he's texting me frequently when he said he's not a texting-kind of person,and doing it just because he wants to make me feel thats he's there.

I love it when--were walking in the rain sharing his broken umbrella while walking the streets of manila and ended up soaking hehe.

I love it when--he's sleeping and snoring a bit due to a tiring day...

I love it when--he get irritated and embarrased if I noticed he's eating too much hehehe

I love it when--he put me on his featured friends at friendster(babaw ko hehe)

I love it when--he bought a new headset and webcam just because I said so (martial law ba ito?hehe)

I love it when--he finally read my blog and said"bhe ang sweet ng mga sinulat mo sa blog mo.."

I love it when--he asked me repeatedly to say it when I said I love you the first time.

I love it when--he always want to hear my voice at ym when we were chatting that as if my voice will make his day hehe(feeling ako!)

I love it when--he agreed to spend the christmas at our house with my family even if its not yet sure due to his schedule.

I love it when--I hear his husky voice makes me want to jump in bed with him instantly.

I love it when--he wakes up 30minutes early everynight so that we could have an extra 30minutes moretime to chat before going to work..

I love it when--i kiss him and he will kiss me back hungrily..

I love it when--I make love to him and he moan like a music to my ear hehe

I love it when--I hold his hand while watching madagascar and he held my hand with his two hands in return

I love it when--he said that kiss on our first date made the deciding factor why he agreed to be my bf.

Thats all for now guys...I know there are lots of more loving things to come about "MY JL..."


Anonymous said...

aww... this is ridiculously adorable.

I'm extremely jealous. I hope everything goes well. =]

Mac Callister said...

oh thank you very much kmcneal!yeah i hope that too

Anonymous said...

pareho pla kayo ng bf ko
di rin niya gusto na may nakaakbay sa kanya
kaya pag sleeping time na di kami magkatbi...iba iba kasi ang tao sa pagtulog eh
haha natawa ako dito --> I love it when--I make love to him and he moan like a music to my ear hehe
yung blog mo about him is what i col a love deed
an act na touching at sweet..sakin namin or saming 2..we

Anonymous said...

Oh! You're Filipino! I totally missed that. haha.

Mahal kita!

...I was in a few friends' debuts, and that's the extent of my knowledge of filipino culture. haha.