April 23, 2009

A Family Show: Malling

My whole family went at the mall today at Alabang,we dine and have fun.This was the day I've been waiting for to happen,a day for shopping!LOL.Actually this day was supposed to be our date with you-know-who until that conversation last night,instead I have my family with me and some new stuffs!Thanks Mom!

But I'm not finish with my shopping haha I can't find a great pair of jeans!I wanted something faded,a little light bluish pair, I'm kinda tired of wearing my dark-colored jeans.I've been everywhere,but i cant find what I want with my budget (you know something around a hundred bucks LOL!) folded and hang was a disappointment!I don't like their latest collection!

We got so annoyed at Kenny Roger's our side dish had a piece of hair on it.I immediately called their manager and said"does your kitchen staff wears hairnets?we have his/her on this!"(starlet ako baket bah!)

Anyway, its mother lily's first night, and i asked secretly "mother,where do u plan on sleeping?with the other room at the middle or with your hubby? she said "i don't wanna sleep with him!I'll be with Anton instead!" and my sister butt in "but how do you plan on saying that to father lily???!"he might transformed into the "hulk" if he gets mad tonight!LOL

So i waited, giggling,laughing at my mother's dilemma!Then my dad came out and asked my sister and said"where are we going to sleep tonight?"because sister have this habit of changing rooms from time to time and fixing them and all,in short she's in charge of the house activity.

Sister hesitated at first but got afraid to tell him what mom wants,she said instead"you guys will be sleeping at the middle room with Anton!"

I snapped and told her when dad was out,"why did you told him that?!

Sister said "why didn't you tell him that!I cant! at least there's Anton in the middle!"

Yesterday, my dad took the knife from my mom and killed her!Kidding! he used the knife for the mangoes hehe and gave them to my mom!aww sweet!.When were alone i said to mother lily "so Sharon,how's Gabby?!" and she threw her sleepers at me!haha

Today at the car, going back home from the mall, its dark but i saw father lily held mother's hands!and I was like laughing silently and thought to myself..."Richard and KC"...for sure mother wants to shake them off!When we got home, at the kitchen, i cornered my mom and asked her"so did you enjoy the sex part?"she just rolled her eyeballs and sigh but she didn't answered my question haha.

Mother got a new cellphone, I wanted it and she said "you cant have that!" she gave me a lot of worthless alibi's but i didn't buy them!Until she confessed that it was given to her by someone!We figured it out!The buying of pants that she cant even tell who will be receiving, so my sister run the cellphone and opened the gallery while mother chased us to stop what were doing and we saw the picture of "him"!hmmm..not bad!haha

So now its confirmed that mother got a boyfriend back at Dubai!I said "mother you're slutty!" LOL!She knows I'm kidding of course.She just laughed but didn't answered.But we got it already.Its alright,you know,she deserves to be happy.Besides its father's fault why she fell out of love for him.

I'm proud of her handling the situation with father,of course she cant tell him that she have a new love now,my father is an impossible person.Father cant even accept the fact that mother don't like him anymore what more the knowledge of her having someone in her life now.Mother is just being civil and friendly at him,besides she'll be only here for a month,might as well be patient,she may thought so.

So that's it for today,I'm eating tempura shrimp flavoured chips!yummy!Tomorrow I'll be going at Makati to my agency and follow up my visa and might as well invite Pao for snacks.Randall(click here to learn about him) were texting when will be our next sexcapades!LOL. I didn't answer, I'm busy at my fave porn sites and have no time with real sex hahaha!

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Turismoboi said...

ur dad or the neww guy?

for me dad iz ztill dad

Anonymous said...

pssst..pengeng 'tempura shrimp flavoured chips.'

enjoy the time with your mom.goodluck din sa visa processing. :p

Anonymous said...

the last few sentences of your blog... LOL! that was funny... "i'm busy at my fave porn sites and have NO TIME with real sex hahaha"!

crazy you! lol kudos to your mom for having a bf! feel sorry for you dad though :(

have a great day...


Mac Callister said...

@turismoboi--i know,but mom dont feel same towards him so,have to let it go...

@flamindevil--i'll send you soon LOL
oh i missed you here!welcome back hehe

@starfish--i was laughing when im writing that too!

you too have fun there mah friend!

Bleeding Angel said...

Geez mac that so effin' fun, how do you deal with that, its like Jennifer Aniston and Vince hahaha, real hollywoodie type of film until your last part messed it up grrrr... ur too naughty...muah wish you all the best keep me updated...:) *wink*

Yj said...

well im amazed at how you handle things in the family.... kung iba yan baka nagrambulan na hehehehe..

at least tumatawa ka na ngayon at hindi na malungkot...

good for you buddy.............

happy blogging

Lionheart : Richard the Adventurer said...

Grabe talaga Mac....

Hehe :)

Nice mga adventures mo... :)

Mac Callister said...

@bleedingangel--i lways knew im a star material LOL!

haha did i messed it up ba?sorry you know me lagi may katarantaduhan!

@YJ--i just dont like problems,and I dont wanna drowned myself with them i face them like its ordinary thing hehe

@Lionheart--oh welcome back,hope ur ok na.

:: cb :: said...

ako din nasad for ur dad.. :c seems like he's trying. :c