May 2, 2009

Kilig Asian Movie

I downloaded a Taiwanese movie (torrent file) last night not expecting anything from it,whether its good or not, i have no idea.When I finally had the chance to watch it...

Oh My God!

Oh My God!

another one!

Oh My God!!!LOL

It was so good!I fell in love completely with it!

the title: Eternal Summer (Sheng xia guang nian)

It was released October 16,2006.Click the IMDb here

I thought Love of Siam will be my favorite Asian gay themed movie of all time,but i was wrong, this movie was way better! Well, that's for me, I don't know about you haha. Anyway, this movie gave me a lot of mixed emotions, it made me laugh, cry, fall in love, made me horny LOL, and confused!hayyy, to think that the story was so simple.A classic and overused storyline, between best friends since childhood, boy fell in love with the other one, and girl came, love triangle blah blah, but the situations, the settings and the dialogue and the way it was delivered by the writers and directors made this film unforgettable for me!

It was not cheesy at all,even straight guys can appreciate this film,the acting are good,and did I mention that the actors are sooo cute and full of hotnesssss!

When they finally kiss i almost scream with too much excitement!haha.

Hayyy,I wanna watch another movie something as nice as this...

Too bad,they didn't end up as lovers in the end, but hey, the love Jonathan felt for his best friend Shane didn't change the fact that Shane love him as his friend.Hmmm...not bad, at least they are still the best of friends.Got confused by the love making scene though and the way the movie ends hehe.But I still recommend this to everyone!

Read the movie synopsis here.Check out some photos from the movie

Watch the short video here.You'll love this.

My favorite scenes are when they are riding the motorbike and Shane was riding at the back and he lay down his head on Jonathan's back!So cute!and of course the love scene LOL and the beach part,where they confront each other!I cried!

Ive seen:Love of siam, bangkok love story, formula17, no regrets, and boys love. If you know another great asian gay themed movie let me know so that I can see it too!thanks!

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Turismoboi said...

mapanood nga to!

Mac Callister said...

@turismoboi--you should hehe

call.the.shots said...

wow. thanks for mentioning this movie i will try to find it online. i loved Love of Siam and Bangkok Love Story, and I've also seen No Regrets, but I didn't like it. I'm a fan of gay asian movies, so I will check out the other ones u listed as well.

JIMG29 said...

anneongaseo! woaahh...hada...hada!

Mac Callister said...

@call the shots--me too,i love those films and i know there are lots of good asian gay movie out there i just need to know their titles hehe

@jimg29--what?haha what is that!

JIMG29 said...

it's just korean greeting as in mabuhay ka Macdaddy, mucho much, das-all!

line of flight said...

okay I've got to disagree here. Love of Siam is way better than Eternal Summer.

Mac Callister said...

@jimg29--a okey hehe yun pala yun!

@@lineofsight--hehe i said "for me" lang naman po

Kenji said...

Haha been a while since i came here! Anyway, I've actually seen this movie before love of Siam! Sadly, I don't think there's any better movie for now! But if i found any I'll be sure to tell ya!

I have to say the gay guy is so cute though! xD

Anyway! Toodles~!

Anonymous said...

Try nyo ang Bangkok Love Story at mapapa iyak kayo sa story plus yung melody ng soundtrack na ginamit potek!!!!galeng