February 1, 2009

Last Song Syndrome

Did you ever experienced after hearing a certain song or music that you love and it still kept on playing inside your mind even after many hours have passed?It is called "last-song syndrome!haha Its happening to me after watching Slumdog Millionaire!That song in the end where they are playing the credits and Jamal and Latika are dancing in it!

I swear to God I even know the steps already!Im dancing inside the bathroom,while walking towards the dining table and my sister was like "what the hell are you doing??" and I would just sing "jai ho!jai ho! aja..aja..aja...!" hahaha I'm having a Baliwood fever!!!!(I don't know if I spell it right)

watch it here guys.To see how addictive this song is.(sorry this is the best copy I could come up with.The good qualities are copyrighted and I need to request from the owner to have one.


MC said...

Saan ko pwede mapanood ang slumdog millionaire?
share the links please :)) thank you!
here: mcflip08@gmail.com

Mac Callister said...

MC I donwloaded it using a torrent,I first dwnloaded the application sa utorrents.com then I went at thepiratebay.org.com and search for slumdog and after 2 days of waiting the movie download completed haha tagal ko nag antay!pero worth it!