February 18, 2009

Reunited (part2)

I looked at him while he snores like a pressure cooker on my bed..Brian,tsk tsk,what happend to us?I used to love you and you never failed to show how much you love me then...I always dreamt of this day to come,I imagine how'd it feels like when I'm with you again.I always thought that I want you again.But why don't I feel any of them now that you're here?I feel bored.I feel dead.Whats wrong with me?if someone is not with me,i misses them,when they're here,there's only boredom.

Its obvious that Brian wants us to start again.A restart.I read it between the lines.When I asked him why not make love to me,he said:"e di pag nakuha mo na ngayon..wala na!.."It seems like he didn't want to give it all to me tonight because once I get it all now,I might not be interested in him.Makes sense.An installment?haha.He wants me to court him again.I don't know,I don't feel like doing it.Whats wrong with me,I'm lonely being single and now the love of my life before is here and I feel nothing.Just lust? almost raped him earlier!

Before he slept we were talking about some stuffs about anything just like old friends catching up the times we lost when were apart.Its a nice conversation though.Then someone called him,I realized it was an UNLICALL,his suitor maybe?It annoyed me,I don't know if its jealousy or what.I told him "could you just talk to him outside this room!I cant concentrate on my readings!your whispering's annoying me".He came back 30minutes after.

"What time you'll be going tom?"I said it to hurt him,its my way of saying go home tomorrow.Because earlier my sister invited him for the whole week. He just answered "early..maybe 9 o'clock" and I replied "good,don't wake me up when you go".Then I ignored him,I just read and watched a movie at YouTube,until he started snoring.

I don't know if I'll wake him up to move to the airbed at the floor or what.Then I decided not to,I just lay down beside him and go to sleep.I'm not comfortable sleeping with someone beside me,that's a fact.Maybe he thought I'll hug him.No way after he refused making love to me?Manigas ka!LOL.It took me an hour maybe before finally got my sleep.

Brian:"Mac,I'm going.." (whispered near my ear)
Then I received a text from him in the afternoon"mac,thanks for the time last night" .I didn't reply.

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Pao Pielago said...

somehow, this broke my heart. nakakapang-hinayang. pero all the best for you friend! hope things work out. :)