February 16, 2009


My sister woke me up this afternoon and told me that Brian,my ex boyfriend,arrived and he's at our living room.I told her "im still sleepy" but she kept on banging my door for me to stand up and face my visitor.I had no choice but to rise from the bed one hour early than my alarm time.And there he was,after a year...Brian.Wearing a yellow polo shirt,sitting at our sofa.I dont know how many ex-bf I had I lost count already!haha maybe they're dead or what!(knock on wood!)

I was told that my sister fetched him up at the terminal because he wasn't familiar with the place anymore(?)that he has been texting me for the last two hours but I was sound asleep haha!After he got tired of texting me,he texted my sister instead to wake me up.Im glad my sister did the fetching.I hate fetching!(It so happened that she have to withdraw some cash this afternoon,thats why she didn't bother to wake me up and picked up my demanding ex-bf!)

He could go anytime at our house,I mean he's been here for like a hundred times in our 8months relationship.He just wanted to feel special that's why he asked to be picked-up.Brian has always been like that,he wanted me to pick him up at the bus terminal and accompany him back when he's going back to manila(I accused him of pa-girl with this attitude).Most of the time I didn't oblige,then he'll get mad at me haha but I don't mind,whatever.

I asked him why he's here?he said "i missed your sis and your nephew' (and I just thought to my self :blah-blah-blah whatev) I know he missed me!hah! am I conceited or what?! haha.Me and Brian have been friends after we broke up,we've been texting once in awhile.Sometimes if I don't reply at his text right away he would say :what's taking you to reply so long?" and I was like..hmm,demanding?!But i would explain to him,i don't know why I did!

I could sense a little jealousy when he asked me how many boyfriend did I had since we broke up and I said "there's three" and he just said trying to hide the emotions with "ang galing ha!" he never had a bf after me,that it is his choice, "bf's are only giving me headaches"he added.He was a graduate of Nursing and waiting for his board exam result.He applied for a med rep position at Manila while waiting.

Then I asked him to put his bag inside my room,then he took a bath and I was like"hmmm,this reminds me of when were together and taking a bath was one of our rituals before making love...(devilish grin) hehehe and I was like thinking dirty while he's taking a bath,I hid the lube under the bed for easy access LOL!Then he borrowed my shorts and T-shirts and lay down my bed and turned on my TV.

Then I locked my room's door secretly and I went to bed with him and I hugged him from behind and started giving him feathery touches,he didn't resist and I was like Oh my he still likes me.Then I was about to kiss him and then he moved his mouth away,then I chased it and he moved away again and chased it again and finally catched his lips and I kissed him hungrily...I was about to insert my tongue inside when he breaks our kiss and said...

Brian: "stop,stop,I don't want this,were not together "
Me:"so what?we could still kiss and have sex!"
Brian: "I don't do SEB!" he snapped
Me:"hahaha but this is not SEB!You knew me for a long time!"
Brian:"whatever!I don't wanna have sex with someone who is not my bf"
Me:"fine,then I'm your boyfriend tonight!"ha ha

And he was like furious that he realized that I only want to get laid tonight!ha ha which is the truth by the way!I don't feel the same way towards him anymore I mean there's still some memories of him and I still care for him but love?I don't think so.Maybe if we spend more time together the feelings might come back.But I noticed he is more ticklish now than before,he has never been with anyone for a year now he said.

He kept on refusing but I was persistent I kept on chasing his lips and grabbing his nipples and then he stopped fighting,finally he got carried away by my sweet lips and tongue LOL just like in the movies, he closed his eyes and hold my face while kissing him gently and I grabbed his undies and then he was on red alert again!he broke away from my kiss!ha ha.What a self control he had!Whew!

Then I snapped at him and said "what is your problem???" he said "we are not together,its not like before that you could kiss and make love to me anytime you want,we could just hug here at the bed instead" and I said "but why?I missed you and I want you now"(I sounded desperate) Then I tried to kiss his neck and shoulders and he loose the control again and allowed me for a minute and stoped me once again that's when I stop pursuing him anymore,I'm mad at him!I want to have sex!!!Waaaa!

"Ang arte mo!ewan!" I said and went to my computer and started to read my mails.

We ate dinner and pretend nothing happened so that my family wont see were fighting.When were watching TV at my room again and I was typing this post he said:

"come over here..."
"just come here!" (with his hands inviting me to lay down beside him)
"no."I said
"hmp,now its you who's maarte!"
"you'll sleep at the airbed" -I added

But now,I got so into reading some blogs and I realized he's snoring at my bed and I don't have the heart to wake the bastard to move to the airbed on the floor!Waaaa!

(to be continued...)


Elyong said...

hahahaha malapit ka ng maging rapist.. hahahaha!!! ka enjoy ninyong dalawa..

Anonymous said...

haha.love is really an excuse sometimes for people to get laid.wala lang.naisip ko lang.

Lionheart : Richard the Adventurer said...

Naks naman!

Happy ka pala nung Valentines Day!

Buti ka pa....

Gram Math said...

your such a like guy to have a guy like him. is it ok to your family if they sleep and stay in your house?


ang magagawa nga naman ng pride.


anw, it's to be continued? hmmm...

Paurong.com said...

8 months is good enough.
Hugs are ok but the making of love is not? Hmm. Makes sense.
I wonder what happened next.
Keep it up. ;)

peripheralviews said...

ang magagawa nga naman ng kati... hahaha! but i must say, ilan lang ang mga taong kayang makipag sex sa ex nila without any attachments. well, siguro dahil na rin sa fact na kahit hidni na kayo magkasama eh nagkikita pa rin kayo...

markey said...

so tru ang sinabi nya.... bf are headaches lang.... hahahah comment ng mga bitter heheheh

Summer said...

Why nman to be continued pa??
But that was so funny..really=)

Mac Callister said...

salamat sa comments people hehe