February 20, 2009

Proud Of Him

I was so busy the whole week!Been to manila and back!So tiring!Ive been completing my last sets of requirement for my application to work abroad.And today I went to my school at Biñan then went straight to Lipa city to my former hospital.I have to ask them to sign and fill up a verification form and be my reference for my employer.I asked our chief nurse,our HRD head and one co-lab employee to be that final three hehe and all of them are my friends so I manipulated and dictated all their statements and answers LOL!

I've been there like for 4 hours(may kasama na chika siyempre) completing all of it and putting them in an enclosed envelop take note,sign sealed and to be delivered to Qatar!hehe.As I was at the Nursing office,I saw some of the headnurse are at the computer and I got intrigued whats keeping them to it "the Nursing Board Exam results are in!" they said! and I was like "Oh really???let me butt in!haha and I took over to search for one name: Brian's.And I was like so nervous waiting for the page to load...

Brian have been denying that he took the exam last November,I've been bugging him about it,and still kept on lying,but me and Berna are so sure that he took the exam,but we play along with his dramatics.We just thought that maybe Brian was cautious so that if ever he fails we wont know about it.

And then the page finally loaded the surnames starting with the letter "S" and OH MY GOD!!!!He passed!!!!Yipee!I've never been happy this much that my chest almost explode with excitement!I looked for my friend Sasha who was having an endorsement at that time and I said "He passed!Brian passed the exam!!!then I immediately texted Berna about it!Im so proud of him I know a lot of nurses who failed the exam 3 times already.

Brian met my two closest friend before a couples of time since we've been together for 8 months last year and I used to bring him at the hospital during my duties at night hehe we even made love to the laboratory room 2times!LOL! reminds me of Grey's Anatomy's Dr.Sloan and Dr.Torres hehe.Thats exciting though,you should try it,making out inside a hospital facility!haha

Then I remembered to text the man of the hour.Here was our text conversation.Sorry to bore you with this hehe:

Me: "Nakapasa ka pala sa board exam nakita ko ngayon!Hmmp!arte arte nito!
Me: "nag iinarte ka pa na di nag exam!Ang galing galing naman nakapasa ja!Im so proud of you!
Brian: "haha hiya ako pag bumagsak e.."
Me: "Arte mo talaga pati sakin nahihiya ka pa,I already told Berna and Sasha about it"
Brian: "What did they said?Baka pwede mo na me i-apply jan sa hospital nyo? haha.Im so happy grabe!"

Then I said to him to pass his resume so that when they need someone his papers are already a top priority since Im cheek to cheek with the HRD hehe.Then an unexpected reply came:

Brian: "hehe..ikaw nga nung umalis ako deadma ka lang e.Kainis ka!..di ka man lang tumayo"
Me: "Naartehan ako sau nung gabi e kaya tinamad na ko,dapat di pa kita pauwiin sana"
Brian: "Naartehan ka ba talaga o nagselos?haha"
Me: "Ngak!Kanino ako magseselos???(remember the call he received that night when he was staying at my room last tuesday night?thats what he's talkin about hehe) ayaw mo kasi magpahalik at makipag make love sakin kaya ako tinamad na..."
Brian: "haha naku sayang nga e kung pinilit mo ako e di dapat..."
Me: "hay naku magtigil ka tagal kita pinilit at sineduce hanggang mabuwisit na ko kakapakipot mo hmmmmpf!"
Brian: "saya pa naman ng kuwentuhan natin nun.."

Now its 100% sure..he still cares for me.haha and he really wants me to lust about him thats why he's stalling me!And when Im typing another reply to his text then "it's message failed" I dont have any credits left!Putikkk!hahaha


Mon said...

Congrats to your Brian.. heheh

Anonymous said...

haha.congrats sa ex mo and goodluck sa pag aabroad mo.you're one of us.hehe

Mac Callister said...

salamat mon at flamindevil sna nga ay makapg abroad n ko at ng magkaroon n ng maraming maraming pera pambili ng lalake LOL!

Ron Centeno said...

Sometimes happiness is just not based on ones success but on others too.

Elyong said...

Kinikilig ka pa rin every time na mag usap kayo whether sa text o sa chat.. hehe