February 4, 2009

Dead Chicken

This is a continuation of my last entry:

I was sitting on the bus at the isle side and I was about to take a nap when I was interrupted by a very disgusting smell...bad breath! Someone yawned I think its from the people at my back and the air con brought it to me! Yuckie ang baho! its like a dead chicken!A rotten dead chicken(I'm not exaggerating I really smelled it) This is the problem with my nose,having an allergic rhinitis for 3 years now my sense of smell got really really sensitive!

Then I look outside the window and the guy sitting beside me (he's the one at the window side) yawn and Dear Lord he's the culprit!He was the source of that dead chicken smell!!!! Its not the guys at my back it was the guy beside me! Ewww.Mukha pa naman siya sosyalero hehe,and I think he's gay too he might have blown someone and forgot to have a mouthwash or brush his teeth!LOL And he yawns frequently and not covering his mouth!!!
I even got paranoid that what if its me? I discreetly catch my breath at a hanky and inhaled it back but its not really me!Its him!

So how would you know if you have bad breath?
  • smell your own breath using your both hands -if you die then its positive!
  • asked your closest friend or family - does my breath stinks?yes!I just stop breathing when you're talking!LOL
  • if people are avoiding you when you speak

  • try using a dental floss and smell it after -and eat the "tinga" sayang!
  • if the color of your breath is green means its toxic LOL

To learn more about bad breath or halitosis click here.
Sometimes bad breath is just a bad breath due to the food you ate or dryness of the mouth or if you're travelling for hours and didn't talk to anyone be sure to bring a mint candy or mentos (promotion pa!) to avoid killing someone or drink water frequently.Mouthwash and dental floss are recommend daily.Lastly have a visit to your dentist (baka puro butas na ngipin nyo!)

But sometimes bad breath have a bigger underlying conditions,like sinus infection and digestive system problems.

I hope that helps guys.


Crazy TL said...

naks! doc, is that you? can you check if my breath is bad? haha..

Mac Callister said...

TL the doctor is out! LOL

Crazy TL said...

and where is he heading???? hehe.

MC said...


MC said...
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Mon said...

pa-check up din doc.. hehe

seriously, i admire you for posting this. very informative!!

Anonymous said...

hay naku,hindi ka pwede dito sa kl dahil may allergy ka pala sa ganyan.dito daming mga tao,nakakasabay mo sa siksikang tren or bus, mga may putok.yuckkkk.ang baho lalo na pag mainit ang panahon.disgusting talaga.haha