February 7, 2009

First Step to My Happiness?

Prepare yourselves,the following are pure ka-ek-kan and kakornihan hehe:

4:00 pm: I woke up today with a smile on my face when I look at my cellphone,he texted me,my so called future hehe.Lets call him JR.The one I was talking about yesterday.

JR :"gudam.my load na ko"( time: 7:00 am pa haha)
Me:"Hi,I just woke up,how are you?"
JR:"I'm ok,just came back,tagal mo magtext a..." (kilig naman ako meaning inaantay niya me!)
Me:"kaw din naman di text a..."

I wasn't able to text him after,I ate my lunch and a neighbor asked me to do her resume,so I did.

JR: "text mo naman ako,nag load pa naman ako for you..." (may ganun talaga hirit,but made me smile)
JR: "hey"
JR: "hey"
Me: "wait,mag unli lang muna me,I'll text once ok na." (without me knowing nag failed pala yun message ko sa knya haha.)

Then I saw him logging in at YM,he message me up

JR: "why are you not replying my texts?May iba ka na?" (demanding ,hmmm)
I explained to him that I'm waiting for my unlimited confirmation text and that I'm doing a resume.
JR: "OK,I'll wait till you're done"
Me: "so how are you I missed you did you know that?hmm,you're taking me for granted a.."
JR: "dinadramahan mo naman ako e hehe"
Me: "but that's what I felt,got me thinking that you are not interested while I'm so into you"
JR :"imagine so much stressed from work,we have ADHOC this month,dinagdagan pa ng principal work namin"
Me: "asus you could text me naman while riding the bus or jeep."
JR:'what's your blog URL again?"

I was a bit hesitant to give it to him he will see my entry about him!What the heck!
JR: "is that me you're talking about????"
Me:" hindi a! helloooo sino pa ba? e di ikaw nga!!"
JR" I left a comment.the other comments are funny..I'll read more of your entries,wait"

Then looked at his comment on my blog and here it is:

said... I'm interested with you but I've told you a couple of times that I have tons of paper works to accomplish...Maybe we should not rush on things...ehehe...lets get to know each other better baby... February 07, 2009 6:46 PM

Hmmm,baby daw...fair enough,ginawa pa kong makulit haha.

JR:" Now I'm impressed with your blog,are you done with the resume,i want us to chat freely.
Me:"someone commented na macho ka daw ba?hehe"
JR: "you already know the answer,I'm chub.."
Me: "i don't mind.i like the way you are..." (reminds me of a song hehe)
JR:"really???i hope you'll not use me like others did.." (i wonder what's he's talking about that)

Then we decided to chat on cam,to do a show LOL nah,just kidding we just talk haha.We are decent human being,maybe later bwahaha!

Till now while I'm writing this,nag uusap pa din kami.Hope this will be for good,but I'm not expecting anything yet,lets see what the future holds.We just have to give ourselves time to know each other more.


MC said...

Sus ang haba ng hair ng lola ko. bwahaha

Gram Math said...

hehhehe kkaka kilig naman to. sana makakita din ako ng katulad niya


awww.... JUst in time for V-day!


I hope my comment went through ok...

meow said...

ayan ha "dont rush on things" daw! busy naman pala eh! you just cant wait talaga! you are so in to him! hahaha!

enjoy every moment! i smell romance cooking, just in time for the V-day! Goodluck to both of you!

peripheralviews said...

Kinilig naman ako...

Napadaan lang po. hehehe!

realscore said...

sweet! remember ko lang mga drama ko noong mga panahong nagdaan! drama talaga....