February 24, 2009

Guess What!

Hay after a while I've been thinking whether to comply or not to the TAGGING made by Umleo (i hate chu) and Flamindevil(you chu hehe) last month. I visited other blogs that they tagged too and already made their part of the tagging I suddenly felt guilty since the two of them are nice to me (naks!) so now Im giving you 9 things true about me and one hoax.GUESS!
  1. I was born and raised here in Laguna.I only have one sister who is now married.(in other word we are sisters LOL) I was so thin when I was growing up,I always wanted to gain weight.I ate a lot but still not getting extra pounds.Its have something to do with my metabolism,but when I reached 20 plus I started becoming fat that it bothers me already haha!But now I'm happy with my current body built.

  2. When I graduated in college that's when I discovered gay sex,its like I'm having a sexual revolution.It was a lot of fun meeting and dating and fucking guys!I was like a sex machine way back then.All one night stands.Then after 2 or 3 years living a life like that,I got sick and tired of it.I searched for more meanings,I wanted more than sex,I want to experience love and be loved.Then they came.They go.They came again.But it was all worth it.I love being in a relationship,even if 50 percent of it are heartaches but I'm still looking forward to the other 50 percent of love,companionship's,friendships,and happiness it can give me.

  3. I'm close to my mom than my dad.I miss her,she's in Dubai right now.When I start working abroad I'll ask her to quit her job and stay at home and I'll just send her money and be at the spa everyday!haha.She could have a manicure every hour if she like till it bleeds!LOL

  4. One main reason why I'm so eager to work abroad is that I wanna prove something to myself,because I am 29 years old already turning 30 this May 20 by the way hehe,and I still haven't achieved anything yet.Yes I am successful at work,in fact I'm good at it,but in terms of financial stability,I don't have that.

  5. I wanna save up so that I can buy my own house and lot.Me and my future special someone will live in that house and we will fill the walls and halls of semen I mean of love and laughter! I hope he's just somewhere and I know god will find a way for our paths to meet along the way.I can feel it.

  6. When I was just a hospital intern I had this upset stomach and I have to unload and I had no choice but to run at SM North Edsa's CR haha.When I came out of the cubicle the people are like "ang baho naman!" deadma lang ako,paki ko taeng tae na e!"

  7. I was on duty that time and this cute guy was transferred to ICU because of an attempted suicide (he took a chemical I forgot what it is already) because take not,his gf was breaking up with him!Shacks! And the nurses are giving him a bath to wash out some chemicals at his skin and I pretended to be a nurse so that I can participate in the bathing of that cute naked guy at the CR!He's hairy and OH my...gifted!Yummy!haha

  8. I don't know how to punch anyone haha,Im not effem ok (defensive?haha) its just that I've never been to any serious fights before I mean,no physical matter involve, just pouring of some acid at the face!LOL! or just taking a number of hairs and with a little doll and some needle,and that's it!

  9. In all my relationship I never tried sucking at least once!I don't know,I felt like I cant do it.They asked me to do it,but I just cant.I'm glad they didn't insist on me doing it or they just love me that much?Hmmm maybe hehe.

  10. I was harassed twice while riding the bus going to work.Someone sat beside me and next thing I knew he's slowly touching my leg and moving at my genitals (well,I allowed it so technically it was consensual LOL) I don't know,it gave me a feeling of being lust about haha.Till he slipped his hands inside my pants and let him played my "patutut" but i never came because I'm about to reached the hospital so, sorry for him haha.The other one was when Im riding a van from festival mall alabang going back to laguna,and this guy touched the tip of my little finger,I was pretending to be asleep hehe.I allowed it,I wanna know how far he's at it.We were sitting at the back and there's only two of us left there and its so dark that no one will notice.Until he sucked me and I almost came.Unfortunately we reached the terminal.He's inviting me to a nearby motel but I refused.
So that's it guys! Its up to you to find out which one is the hoax! Good luck!I wont be tagging anyone so that I will receive good karma and no one will tag me again (?) so don't worry haha I will just cut off the curse for now LOL.



Mac! HIYA!

Im in a rush at the mo.... just dropped by to say hi.

Really busy this week. Hopefully everything settles by weekend.

Mac Callister said...

ano naman kaya pinagkakaabalahan ng KJ haha

Gram Math said...

i got horny while reading this entry hahaha, tnx for posting

Rainbow Bloggers Philippines said...

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Anonymous said...

#7 is a hoax! at least for me. hehehe...

i don't know how to punch din. it makes me look gayer than usual. my excuse is always "it's too masculine for me."...hehehe

gillboard said...

uhm.... just passing by to say thank you for the greeting...

sorry off topic...

umleo23 said...

I would say number 9! bwahaahhahaha

Basis?! Hmmm yung comment mo sa blog ko, it goes like this:

"feeling ko ang di totoo e yung sa 4 inches size mo feeling ko malaki e LOL!

pakita mo nga sakin daliii!hahaha"

You will never be interested in something u dont want to play with naman dba? ehehehehe Maybe you're not into it, pero you did tried once siguro... wahahahahahah

I dont know... its just a guess though...

chill out man! ciao!

Mon said...

My guess is number 9. Lahat ng kilala kong gay guys, whether top or bottom have tried doing that. haha.

Mac Callister said...

@gram math-haha nyou got turned on at the bus scene noh!

Mac Callister said...

@umleo - talgang nilagay mo pa yung comment ko haha hmmmm

Mac Callister said...

@pao-if someone punches me i dont know if i can punch him back!malamang knock out ako!

MrCens said...

dami nating common, pati birth month and im sure pati zodiac sign.

hmmppp... compatible yata tayo ah.


Mugen said...

Considering my imposing built and impressive height, I never punched anyone yet. But just in case it happens, I'm sure the offender will go home with a bluish face. I never go to gym for nothing. :)

Anonymous said...

i agree with Pao, i would also say #7... not to be rude or anything but yeah, i can't picture you throwing out punches, not in my head anyways LOL!!!

by the way, thanks for checking out my blog!

have a great week, well what's left of it, tomorrow is wednesday hehe...


Bleeding Angel said...

its weird but i have the same experience, i.e. bus,van, icu!

Mac Callister said...

@mrcens- talaga lang ha julius haha

@Mugen- hmmm maybe I should go to the gym too and try boxing oo hehe

@starfish- its ok and besides i love your blog!nice to see u here

@bleeding angel- hospital staff ka din?check ko ang blog mo later

Anonymous said...

hindi yata pumasok 1st comment ko.wahhhh

anyway,this is a no brainer.i would say number 9.hehe

btw,thanks for continuing this TAG. :p

Courage Philippines said...

Hmmm...care to visit my site?