February 15, 2009


Since it was valentines day yesterday and it is all about hearts let me tell you a story about one of unforgettable patient we had at the hospital (haha see the connection?whatever!).
I was at the ER waiting for some action because that day was a boring one,I was talking to a nurse when suddenly a tricycle stopped and the guard opened the door and there he is!The driver was shouting "help!help" and our female attendant was shocked and screamed at the sight of the patient she couldn't moved!and I froze too!I'm stunned!

The patient: a 40 something years old guy,a porter(kargador) at this 18 wheeler truck loaded with supplies to be delivered to manila and while resting,he lay down and sleep under the truck,and then someone asked the driver to moved the truck because they're blocking some driveway or something and without knowing his brother in law(the patient) was resting under the truck he moved the heavy vehicle and that's when it happened.The patient was rolled over already by the huge wheels before the driver could stop.Its too late.

This is the actual picture of him.I intentionally turned the photo to black and white.

The patient was inside the tricycle awake and he was sitting on the floor of the vehicle but what shocked all of us was from waist down,all bones are broken and muscles torn!when he was lifted the leg muscles and bones are falling from the stretcher and the only thing holding them together are his skin!Its like a piece of meat from the markets!It was like a scene at a movie!there actually smell of blood and fresh flesh all over the room!everyone was eyes wide opened!

Remember the movie "the ring"?where the ghost covered with hair on her face and going out from the TV screens using her arms to walk towards you?that's how he looks like inside that tricycle floor while our orderlies are trying to get him.And that image of him kept inside my mind till now.I cant forget it.Its so gory.I've seen patients being shot by a gun with all bloods and patients with tumors and patients with brains out but nothing can compare this.

I grabbed my camera phone and video shot shot this unique case.What really impressed us was that he's still alive and conscious but a little disoriented,he doesn't seem to know what really happened to him.He kept on rising from the bed and trying to get up.I tried to help the nurses cleaning him and preparing him to be directed at the OR.

Then after 8hours or more I got a call from OR that the patient will be needing my services for the mechanical ventilators at the ICU.Then we waited and there he was,survived the accident and operations.They cut off both legs from the groin area down.He's in incredible pain after the general anaesthesia faded away.He's screaming and saying names we cant understand.After a day he was transferred to a hospital in Manila.And we were told that he died after a few more days.


MC said...

Jusko grabe naman yung nangyari sa kanya. Oh my god! Gusto ko makita yung colored version ng picture,please! haha

Mon said...

Yay! Grabe yun ah! Kawawa talaga!! Dapat kasi hindi gawaing pahingahaan ang ilalim ng truck! Tsk tsk..

Mac Callister said...

@MON-thats the only place they can rest e under their truck we just didnt find out if the brother in law was charged of something technically he was the one who's driving

@MC-haha naku MC masyadong gory kasi I also have the video

Anonymous said...

at first nga i thought dead on arrival na siya due to blood loss. he managed to stay alive a couple of days. kawawa naman.

on the other hand...

hey, you got accepted abroad? congratulations! it seems everyone is going abroad now. wink-wink! :)

Elyong said...

Di ko kinayang tingnan... di talaga ako puede sa medical profession..

Anonymous said...

this pic is really GORY..at nakaya mo pang kunan sya ng pic ha!siguro okay na rin that he passed away after a few days than to suffer di ba?

btw, you were TAGGED whether you like it or you like it.haha. please visit my site and read my latest post. you'll see what i'm saying. thanks. :p