February 1, 2009


My life is brilliant...yeah!you heard me right hehe.Imagine I will wake up 4 in the afternoon and then I will eat my lunch/meryenda then watch Jimmy Neutron and Sponge bob with my four year old nephew then take a bath at 5:30 then open my computer at 6:00 pm then eat dinner at 8:00pm then watch Pinoy fear Factor at my room while chatting at those silly gay sites.

Then after watching it I will start blogging ang read and read and eat my meryenda at 2am and browse anything in the net till 5 or 6 in the morning then I'll go to bed.Then I will do the same thing again and again.I'm a certified Internet addict waaaa!Oh by the way i have a different schedule every other day,I watch porn!

How pathetic is that?????!!!!hahahaha this is the life of a regular original bum.My only diversion from all of this before was dating my boyfriend twice a week and now I have nothing!I need my visa na oh dear Lord please save me from this misery... :-)


MC said...

pareho tayo ng ginagawa pag bum sa loob ng bahay ;)

Elyong said...

hahaha... you seemed to have mastered your daily activities, break the cycle.. do something different..

Winkii said...

certified bummer! haha. but bumming is really fun. you've got no hard works to do. i want to be in the time when all i've got to do is to bum and bum all day long. haha visit my blog again, thnx! exlinks?

dabo said...

wow..mega bum hahaha.. how pathethic? uhm sa scale ng 1-to-10, ten being the highest. siguro nasa 8. hahaha

read books instead or newspapers.

lucas said...

hehe! so i guess i'm pathetic too. bummed din ako eh..hehe!

thanks for your comment :)

Lionheart : Richard the Adventurer said...

Buti ka pa full of life ngayon....

Loveless na loveless ako... Hehe :)

Victor Gregor said...

it amazes me that you feel bummed especially after you broke up with your boyfriend. you should actually have more time for yourself: more time to go places, read good books, do sports.


At least you have a lovelife... Yung iba kasi wala.

Anw, thanks for checking my archive. And for all those kind words you left/commented. Thanks.

Mac Callister said...

@elyong@MC@winkii@--thanks guys for commenting

@dabo -naku makaktulugan ko lang ang books hehe

@lucas --haha bum ka din pala!classmate!

@lionheart-anung full of life ka jan la nga ako asawa ngayon e!

@victor --mas masaya kasi mag gala pag may asawa hehe pag single ramdam mo n nag iisa ka lang hehe

@kris jasper--hehe sabagay,pero sna meron din ngayon mas masaya hehe.ang sarap kaya basahin ng blog mo one day i will spend the whole afternoon reading your post from the start hehe

markey said...

nako pareho tayo ng lifestyle..... 4mos na akong ganito! hehehe

Mon said...

Hi Mac, thanx for visiting my blog.

Btw, ang sarap kaya ng buhay bum!! Ka-inggit ka naman! hehe :)


Awww... Thanks Mac.

Josh of Arabia said...

hi mac..

maraming ty nga pala sa pagdalaw. at sa muli pang pagdalaw..buti na lang @ "bumming mode ka that time..@nadalw mo ko..

i enjoyed too ur portal ..veri practical, open-minded & most importantly, honest..