February 4, 2009

Near Sighted

I accidentally dropped my contact lens at the sink today and I was so worried if I didn't got it sooner I might not be able to buy a new one!I called my dad to help me look for it I didn't know where it went haha I'm so stupid until my sister came and all three of us are looking for a tiny soft transparent plastic at the kitchen and we looked so funny if only were not in that situation I might have laughed so loudly!

This is the price I have to pay for having my eyes so blurry!I think its my fault that I have my sight so messed up,I am near sighted.I have a grade of 275 and 325.When I was 12 or 13 years old I thought that having eyeglasses was so cool,they look so smart and different,so to my stupidity I look for ways to make my mom buy me an eyeglasses,of course first of all you shouldn't have a clear visions.

Then I started to read with lights off using only candles,I watched televisions so near I did that secretly,then it paid off I cant read whats at the board during classes!My teacher needed to put me in front of the class instead.Then I started to experience headaches frequently.My mom took me to the doctor then to the psychiatrist -kidding! of course to the ophthalmologist!

I started with the grade of 150 then six months later a grade of 200 increasing every year!Waaa!That's my punishment!huhu.I'm glad it stopped at 275 and 325 now!Its so funny looking back through my photos way back then,the glasses I wore are so yuckie!I look like MacArthur (the "I shall return guy at our history books!")

I'm glad I've discovered wearing contact lenses in college and its like freedom to my eyes!It saves me lot of troubles from work.You already know the hassles of wearing glasses.But wearing contacts are troublesome too at first,I mean you need to be careful putting and taking it off and cleaning it,and the rinsing solutions are expensive too!(there are cheaper ones but not that effective) but the comfort and the confidence it gave me,the best!


Reign Loleng said...

Mine is 225/175.

Should I use contacts?

I need any excuse to change my eye color to hazel.


Mac Callister said...
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trebor said...

This is an unsolicited advice from someone who had the same "story" as you dear reader. My way to "weaken my eyesight" when I was little was to stare at the sun literally. Successful but regretful later on. Your vision of 300 and 200++ were nothing compared to my 900/1,000. Similarly I was myopic or nearsighted. I dreamt of the ay when I would awake and nto making "kapa" for my glasses. That was then. Until 2003 when I finally decided to undergo "LASIK" procedure (at American Eye-Shangrila Place). Although I did not revert to the 20/20 vision happy ako kasi 25/25. And I can watch tv upon waking up without feeling for my glasses. There are a lot of center offering similar service but my decision to choose Dr. Arroyo's center was due to the fact that he pioneered in the specialty and with surgical procedures experience (long standing experience) counts very much. Was it worth it. In all sincerity and honesty, YES!!! The surgical procedure was not long (matagal na 30 minutes) but there were a lot of sessions prior to that. Wearing contact lenses is the next choice BUT I once had an experience (when I was in the US when I slept with it thinking I could since they were supposed to be long wearing. It was humiliating that I had to call 911 to help find me assistance cause I lived alone then.
Sorry ha medyo napahaba. But DO consult if you want to be freed of the hassles of wearing contact lenses. I know the feeling kaya I wanted to share my experience.

Mac Callister said...

mahaba nga hehe yeah i already heard about that procedure a co worker underwent that procedure kaso mahal e i need to save up pa kaya di ko siya sinulat muna dito i think its about 50,000 ata im not sure pero mga ganun

MC said...

I'm wearing an eye glasses/specs pero gusto ko na rin gumamit ng contact lenses. Kasi naman nakakainis minsan gumamit ng eye glasses dahil maya-maya kailangan linisin.
Sabi ng kaibigan ko mas maganda daw mag-contact lense na lang ako dahil mas clear yung vision. Any advice? tatakot kasi ako dahil hindi ko alam ilagay. ;)

Mac Callister said...

tuturuan k naman bago ka umalis sa clinic sa una mejo hassle paglalagay pero masasanay ka din

mas ok n naka contact lens kesa nakasalamin for me ha,matututo ka magtiis was mag kusot ng mata dito hehe basta mas ok siya

Youreyesite said...

The contact lens case is often a harbor for bacteria and as such, should be replaced regularly or cleaned. Cleaning of a lens case involves briefly placing the case in boiling water after having manually cleaned the case. If you have a spare pair of lenses in your medicine cabinet, try to replace the solution and clean the case every two weeks. You may purchase new cases for pennies and often your doctor will provide you with free, sterile new cases if you ask.