February 23, 2009

Just A Bad Day

I'm on a bus again going to Makati ,have to submit some documents to my agency. As I was passing along Gil Puyat Avenue I remember that tragic day 2 years ago.I was on my way to a second day seminar on Neonatal Hands-On Care at the Philippine General Hospital when two guys sat beside me I was texting this guy that I'm supposed to meet after the seminar hehe,then I put the phone (A Nokia 6680) inside my Guess bag and look at view outside (ah,yun pala ang LRT,wow taas ng building...wow 'to pala maynila...)

Then suddenly a guy from my back,asked for my attention using a tip finger and said "hey hey you have dirt on your shirt!" and stupid me I worriedly looked at my back to see it.There was really some chalk-like substance at my shirt(of course I later found out that he's the one who put it there) and when I did that, the two guys beside me (who just recently sat there) without me knowing hurriedly and secretly took my phone inside my bag! Then the three of them went off the bus already before I could noticed that my phone is missing!

It took me like 2 minutes before I realized that something was wrong!Call it paranoia!I then searched for my phone inside but its not there!Waaa!I didn't know what to do at that time!I felt so helpless.I cant even see my wallet!Fortunately I found it at the far end of my seat,maybe they dropped it accidentally when I'm about to finish checking my back.There's still my money(*sigh*) I'm glad I have this habit of putting my money in different areas and not just inside a wallet(in case I loose it,I still have spare money).

There,my phone was stolen,I don't know where those thieves are now!I hope they are having their Karma already!I'm glad I saved all of our videos and pictures (some of them are shots of us kissing!) of my last bf at my computer!If ever that would be a great scandal for all I know I might be at you tube!haha.Atleast they didnt slit my Guess bag!I love that bag!LOL. I lost all of my friend's phone numbers and text mates!

I felt sorry for the guy I'm supposed to meet that day!I later found out that he came at our supposed meeting place after two days when he left a message at my friendster account.He was angry!haha. I was not at myself all along the seminar, I felt numb!Now I know the feeling of being robbed!haha.Coz before I was like "get over it already!buy a new one!"when I talk to my friends about loosing their phones.hehe

Then after two days after a lot of sermon and scolding and all from my mom at the phone from dubai (yabang yabang kasi!text ng text sa daan!sa bus!sa jeep!ayan napala mo!buti nga!mag alcatel ka nalang!!!!) my dad sent money to buy me a new phone!This time much better a Nokia N70!hahaha!He was at saudi that time.A little dramatics and voila!I have a new phone!hehe.

I'm still using that phone till now.I need an upgrade waaa!!!!


MC said...

Nagka-Nokia 6680 din ako,iniwan ko sa cousin ko ng magpunta ako dito. Isinusumpa ko ang phone na yan! haha

Elyong said...

I was a victim twice... but not phone.. money, quite a lot of money... pambili ng computer kinuha ng pickpocket.. sigh! The second time, ha hold-up talaga ako.. nyay!

Mac Callister said...

@MC bakit mo naman sinusmpa ang 6680?

@elyong mas grabe pala ang sau ha!katakot yun mahold up mas gusto ko n ang madukutan!

Anonymous said...

sh*t this is bad news.im sorry to hear this.when i was in college,gumimik kami sa libis.papasok pa lang kami sa bar na puno ng tao,nilagay ko yung
N3650 sa pocket ko (mahal pa yun that time) and then before i know it,wala na.ang bilis ng pangyayari.tsktsk

JC.TSU said...

damn.. malas lang..

ako nga minsan sa jeep muntik na ding manakaw ung phone eh.. nilagay ko kasi sa front pocket ng bag ko.. eh ung magna, ung front pocket zipper ung nilaslas.. buti kahit antok ako nun, di ako manhid.. di na lang ako nagskandalo baka kasi leeg ko naman ang malaslas eh.. hehe

ayun nilayo ko na lang ung bag ko tas buti malapit nako sa destination ko kaya baba ako agad..

kaya extra extra ingat.. lalo na ngayon..