February 12, 2009


I was checking out my friendster account when I saw an update at my ex-girlfriend Joana's new pictures..hmm so she's in Dubai now.That's good I thought to my self.At least everything is going well on her life,she has a job abroad plus her husband is with her and she seems happy.And I envy her somehow...

If she would ask me how am I?I don't know what to say to her.I'm still single,still in the Philippines.It sounds pityful compared to her life huhuhu.Until now she doesn't know about my true colors,that instead of blue I'm pink!LOL. We were together for 6 months and I must admit I loved her during those times even if I'm missing a man's embrace and kisses but I ignored that cravings for her.

There are times that some of my ex-boyfriends would call me and she's one hell of a jealous and possessive gf then and would interrogate me who's that and sometimes she's racing me to answer a call or a text and would see a guy's name and I was just freeze and say its a wrong sent message!hahaha.I changed all their names to girls name!Like if that guy is mark,ill replaced it with Marlene!hahaha.And later changed my Sim card!

Sex?hmm we almost did it technically but she backed out when I'm about to put it there hehe!She realized she might get pregnant and we don't have protection and I realized it too I dont wanna get married that soon!Alarming!Then I thought what would happen to the guy's kissing and embracing and fucking!!!!I'm glad we stopped!

My concern at first what if it didn't rise to the occasion?haha.But I really got a hard on when were having intimate moments together,thanks to the guys I'm with before I mastered the art of kissing and licking very well!And she would reached heaven and hell and back!But whats frustrating though,girls are so shy!She wont suck mine!She just love holding it and stroking it!

Anyway,before I get carried away I will stop na hehe.We separated after a long and frequent fights and I got sick and tired of it already.So we decided to end it finally.After that,I felt like I've been deprived of whats really for me!Then I met Mark.


Elyong said...

Hehehe... i don't want to say anything.. hahaha.. maybe later.. i just come back..

K said...

Ohnoes, you should tell her!

But then again, you shouldn't - what difference does it make anyway? Hahaha.

Hey Mac, thanks for the friendly visit. Take it easy.