February 8, 2009


"He's sucking my nipple and I pretend that I'm enjoying it, that I'm feeling a great sensation.."

There's a lot of problem in the world today and I don't know if you will even care at all of my problem!Well aside for my mind,there's another abnormality going on with my body...my nipples.

"My nipples are useless.They don't feel anything when being suck.Like its paralyzed!I've got a paralyzed nipples!Imagine that!"

I don't know how the hell it happened,I don't know when it start to loose its life LOL!I think it needs a defibrillator or something to revived it.I just don't feel any freakin sensation no matter how good are they sucking my nipples...

"Pag suck nila to,feeling ko para lang suck nila kulugo ko...LOL"

I envy them,when I suck theirs, its like they don't know where to hold and its like they're drowning...so I just copy them and pretend I don't know what to do too hehe

"aahhhh shetttt..suck it..suck it..."


Anonymous said...

friend, hindi paralyzed, baka desentisized lang. there are people talaga with less nerve endings in that area compared to others or baka na-manhid over time. try not to have them licked muna for a while, baka bumalik. else, see a doctor. :)

Herbs said...

i dunno. i just dont find sucking nipples neither attractive nor hot nor tingling hahaa.

i just think everyone has this mind-set that it feels good cause we see it in porn or my nipples are as dead as yours haha. i beg to differ.

Gram Math said...

while I was reading this entry I felt a great sensation and it put a smile on my face, its like im feeling that someone is licking or touching my nipples,... hehehhe

MC said...

baka naman wala ka lang talagang kiliti sa nipples lol

Victor Gregor said...

Nipples 101. I need to enrol. LOL.

Anonymous said...


salamat sa pagbisita sa..:
balik balik lang po..!
i love pinkish nipples..!
i love sucking it..!
i love being sucked as well..!
suwerte ko lang siguro at...
yung sa akin..,
may sensation..!
hahahahahahahahaha..! ;)

i've linked you pala..!

Anonymous said...

i'm back..!
i dunno if my first comment went through..,
but i'm back and has opened my ID..,
i could get this comment posted..!
i have linked you..!
thanx for visiting my blog..!
i love pinkish nipples..!
i love sucking ang biting it..!
i love having someone do that to me too..!
maybe i'm lucky because..,
mine got sensation..!

see you again in BOMBA!!! ;)

lucas said...

just read your message...thanks. kaya lang hindi na ako maxadong nagffs. i find it shallow and very superficial..hehe! :P

eliment said...

hi..im here to visit you. i really enjoy reading your posts.
thank you and more power!

Elyong said...

nipple talk.. this is fun.. haha.. so i learned about nipples.. hmm..

i only learned about nipple sensation a few years back.. i didn't even know that it can help.. hahaha.. so probably you'll learn that your nipple power will activate later.. be patient..