February 19, 2009

Big Crush

Meet my new boyfriend guys!Chase Crawford a.k.a Nate Archibald.He is not a relative of billy joe crawford ok!LOL.Im sooo in love with him I have this non-stop excitement every time I see him at gossip girl.X-OH-X-OH(kakahiya tanda ko na may gusto pa din ako sa kanya he's only 24 hehe but i cant refused his charms!) He's so cute and a hottie too!He is rumoured to be gay!And take note,they said that he and former N*sync guy JC Chasez are together!Wow I love him more!haha.Of course they denied it.But I don't care!

Hmm yummy
He stands 6'0" Oh lord so tall,i bet he had a big feet too,big feet means...big shoes!Right??!!!LOL.Hmm,I wonder why he and Carrie Underwood didn't last longer. I cant remember him at the movie "the covenant" Ive seen that movie a long time ago and I kept on thinking who was he at that film.I need to find another copy of that!(pirated kasi kaya di ko siguro nakilala haha)

(To see Chase's IMDb click here)

Choose your pick between the two hehe.Chase or Zac (of High Sch Musical)


Anonymous said...

the chase crawford you are speaking about who starred in the covenant, well, he is the cute guy whose hair is black. he has great eyes and was kind of thin back then.he didnt talk much in the film that's why he wasnt known to the audience. but i am happy that he looks better now. still like him with his black hair. watch the movie "the covenant" and see chase there.

Ron Centeno said...

Thanks for dropping by IMOW. All the best!

markey said...

hot..... hot..... hot....

sya ang gusto ko sa gossip girl