February 8, 2009


A friend of mine is not talking to me,she's ignoring me,I texted her,i messaged her at Ym and still,"deadma".But I m supposed to be the one ignoring her!haha.What happened??? Here's why:

November 2008 during a chat at YM:
Kat: Mac,I gave birth last week,a healthy baby boy,we named him "kal-el"
Mac:Oh congratulations!that's great!but why the name?
Kat:Why?whats wrong with it?we loved it,superman!

But in my mind,Ididn't like it,why in the world you'll name your kid like "Kal-el"?but i just kept quiet hehe.I don't know it sounds stupid,or maybe I just don't like it period.haha.Its like KAL short for "kal-kal" and EL short for "libog" hahahaha.and superman????mas ok pa ang Clark!

Kat: I want you to be the godfather!
(and I was like Oh no!godfather another "gastos" i thought so haha,but i liked the idea she's asking me,she really take me as a friend.)
Mac: haha,see you here when you come home.(they are at Saudi that time)
Then they came home.We chat at Ym again and she's inviting me to the christening,she didn't had the time to give me the invitation,but if I'm the "ninong" they should've gave me the invites already,i tried to understand that they're busy,and I was waiting for her to confirm if I'm the godfather.But none.I asked who are the godfathers?and she told me names and she didn't mentioned my sweet name! I just pretended that I don't mind at all.

But I cant kept my feelings about it and I just suddenly said it: "I thought I'm one of the godfathers?"and she said "Siya.Ninong ka!" and I thought to myself she just asked me because she detected a little sulking on my part! But its too late,I am sulking already!haha.I felt bad.I don't wanna be considered godfather just because she knew I'm sulking.I just felt that why did asked me last November and not actually getting me as godfather with the real thing?So I decided I will not come to the christening! "manigas siya"!

And now a week later,I asked her about the christening,if they had fun and all,I just pretended that I'm alright about the "ninong" thing so that she would not think its a big deal for me.Pride.But she's ignoring me.And my friend Shera told me that Kat felt bad that I didn't come to the event!Whattt!!Now its the opposite, instead I'm the one not talking to her,she's the one not talking to me!hahaha.Great!

(Sulking-magtampo,mag inarte,magdrama,tampururot)

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