February 18, 2009

The Good Me

The verification email I've been waiting for like 2 weeks now from my employer at Qatar finally came!Whew!I almost loose faith about it!haha.Thank God!I'm not a religious kind of guy but I do believe that there's a higher being up there.In fact I don't know what my religion is! LOL!.When I was a kid we used to go to masses and then my mom shifted to born again christian faith and I think I adopted some of their teachings.But I decided not to be either RC or born again na lang.Or maybe I'll put up a new religion of my own!But i put in R.C in my resume,I don't wanna waste time explaining about my religion,so if they saw R.C in there,no questions ask.

Like,I don't worships saints and images,I don't even know how to pray the rosary,the people that prays the rosary while riding the jeepneys or buses amazes me,I mean how could they concentrate on that!I don't do the "in the name of the father signs and everything when I pray.I just talk to him before I go to sleep.Talk to him like he was my friend.Sincerely.They say if you pray sincerely he will listen.You have to thank him for the blessings you have received for today.That's me being a good person!Convinced?Whatev!

My sister and mom might not believe that I pray,maybe because they don't see me doing it,to them I'm this "villain i don't care guy" in the family,the evil son! LOL.I don't want them to see me praying,maybe I'm embarrassed or something? whats wrong with me???haha.I haven't been inside a church or lectures of a minister for like 10 years now!The only reason Ive been inside a mass was when my sister got a church wedding.

The reason why I stopped reading the bible is that I find some (not all OK,just clearing it up) things in there that I cant accept,like God will punish the homosexuals?That we are not welcome in heaven?But what if that homosexual actually been a good person inspite of being a homo?I don't know,its just me hehe.

What I know is,don't do harm to anybody,live a good life,love one another(that's what orgy was about!LOL) and help the one in need,like if someone is looking for sex,you cannot let them suffer if they are so horny,right???Help them!


MC said...

Religion is the last thing you could discuss with me.

Anonymous said...

must watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04AVRslVRbY (Part 1 out of 10) you won't regret it... trust me :)