December 15, 2008

Mall Mall(why does it sounds funny?)

We did some christmas shopping at a mall in alabang,I was with my sister and her husband and their 4 years old son.We decided to do it today instead of the weekends wherein too many people crowding the mall,I bought gifts for my inaanak(godsons) there's only three of them,thank God!So guys if you have a friend who is pregnant better stay away for a while so that they wont think of you at the moment to be their baby's godfather haha!(I choose the cheapest,but of good quality and cute ofcourse,the economy is down so better be saving haha)

There's a lot of sale items so I was so tempted to buy some nice stuff,and later I gave in.I cant help it!my credit card almost maxxed out! huhuhu.Its so funny when we got hungry we decided to eat at sbarro we thought they accept credit card cause we got lazy to fall in line at the atm machine,too many people!we ordered our food and when we reached the cashier its time to pay I gave my other card and they said "sir,cash only.." i said "whaaat???" so we did a quick money check and all of us share the amount hahaha.Sbarro alabang is so low tech!every transaction now is through cards already!they should have an upgrade.

We had a good time,its always nice to go to the mall and buy things you like.And ofcourse i have my gay radar on level 5!Lot of cute gay guys out there too my eyes feasts on them!

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