December 31, 2008

Sexy Dancing

Jon Avila 22 y.o Irish-Filipino Born at The United Kingdom

Victor Basa 23 y.o Filipino, born in the Philippines

Its 2am, I was at my bed and I cant sleep and dont have anything to do, I decided to open the tv and Oh, I catched the replay episode of this dance show "Shall We Dance" at channel 5...Lucy Torres Gomez' dancing was so good at the opening,she is the host by the way, that I decided that I will finish the show,but what really made me awake is the dance number of her two co-host Jon Avila and Victor Basa!!!! It was so freakin hot!!!The dance steps was really sexy and to top it all they took their shirt off while dancing side by side.It keeps on playing over and over my head till now that the show is over haha.

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