December 17, 2008

Another Day at the Mall

Its so much against my will to get up from bed today, I was so sleepy at 12:30 in the aftenoon,this is because I went to bed 7am haha I have to blame Joseph for this he kept me awake at those time,kidding!Peace tayo Jojo! We chat from around 12midnight till 6am ata.He is someone special to me right now after JL,come to think of it another guy that starts with the letter "J" ,hmm there's Jaireh,there's JL, and now Joseph.Well atleast for now he is not yet my boyfriend hehe,Im on the stage of courting him and getting to know him.Anyway, I have to go to Unionbank to pay my last loan and this is my last payment and after this Im all cleared!Yahoooo!!!I was in a hurry because its almost 3pm they might not allow me to enter anymore so I was secretly praying to the gay patron "arnel ignacio"!haha.And luckily the guard was kind enough to let me,even if its 3:10 already.

I waited for about 20minutes for my turn,and then I went straight to SM Mall,along the way,I was bothered by this kid who is begging for money in return for his so-called shoe cleaning! And its not actually cleaning, his towel didnt even stay on my shoe for 2 seconds! Ofcourse me being so kind and god fearing I gave him a "piso"haha(kala nyo ha!)Im so glad the "badjao" are so out now, i dont know if you encounter them before,but they are the most annoying beggars I've seen!

At the mall,I paid our smartbro bill(internet provider),and the guard told me they have a new system,its all new to me,that I have to write the details of my payment to this envelope wherein I will put my money inside it and then drop it into this atm-like machine of them,I press this and that,its so cool!!!hehe

I look around,looking for something to buy.So many people,its so crowded.I bought a new pair of slippers and its lovely on my feet haha!(*yabang!)

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