December 21, 2008


"Are you happy?"he said.And I replied "yes I am" and my battery turned low and die hehe .

Well guys my date went well if you may ask.I felt good today when i went out of the house to meet my date.No more wories,no nervousness and all I thought of is that we will be just fine and its all what happend! I changed my clothes twice and I sprayed my perfumes too many times that even my dog shaggy sneezed 3 times!

I saw him standing in the crowd when I arrived I was late due to heavy traffic and its funny that I kept on telling him last night that I hate latecomers! When we reached the mall.We went straight up to the cinema and look for the movie schedule we watched "The Day Earth Stood Still" starred keanu reeves and jenifer connely I dont like it by the way hehe.Lack special effects and the story was not too good.When its finished you will say to yourself "is it over yet?" or"what?its finished already?Just like that?"But before that we dined in at fastfood nearby (we dont have enough budget so we just settled there hehe) and we talked about anything,we laughed,we argued a bit and all.But I like it.I think I like him.No,I like him.

I asked him "are we boyfriends now?" and he said" yes,we're a couple" I just hugged and hold his hands and squeezed it some times through out the movie...when its so cold inside I feel like holding him forever,that time will stop right there and then and stay that way.But it never did,the lights turned on and people start standing...Oh well, the movie ended.But I wont let this night pass without kissing him,and when we reached this shaded hallway I pulled him closer to me and gave him a quickie!I mean a quick kiss!!!!At the back of the car going home I was hugging him closer to me thank God people at the back didnt noticed us hehe.Before separating we ate a light dinner at this chinese fastfood and I walk him through his side of the road untill he ride the jeep home.

"It seems its not enough..we chat at home at ym... till he said goodnight..."

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