December 15, 2008

Im Dating Again

This may seem so sudden,but Im actually dating again,well not actually dating now,I mean this coming saturday and we even decided to be together at the 25th at enchanted kingdom!(a local amusement park in laguna) I have talked to this guy that I knew for a year now,we just became friends at the chatroom eversince,you know the usual hi and hello and how are you's kind of thing.And last night since im single and available haha I flirted a little and got so interested to get to know him more and he is such a nice guy,he's been to a serious relationship for a long time and the kind of guy I wanted, now we're constantly communicating through text and chat.Well,I hope this is a good start and we could have a good time this saturday.
When I got home today from the mall,i opened my pc and saw an offline messages,one from OJ my friend at london,and one from my ex,JL he said: "hello lang po ulit good afternoon" I just felt weird that he messaged me,but im planning not to reply I said to him last time we've talked that i wont bother him ever again.I made a decision and he made a decision too when im trying to fix things so its not my fault anymore that we're separated.So now Im moving on and dating...

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