December 7, 2008


Its 3am in the morning,I just said goodbye to my close friend OJ from UK,he is a physical therapist there after chatting with him through YM since 11 pm,its been 4 straight hours of fun and serious chat.Its always like this,everytime we have the chance to.Its nice to talk to him again,we talked about anything,we have this kind of connection ever since we stumbled upon each other,if I were single maybe he would be my boyfriend now hehe (if he read this Im sure this would put a big smile on his rounded face hehe) I courted him through chat and I know he's secretly inlove with me (Im sure he'll deny it!) Kidding!

He is the kind of person that will never get me bored when ever we chat,its totally spontaneous I mean we never have to think hard of anything to say or talk about,it just come out naturally and the next thing we know time passes us by quickly.He will come home this january for a vacation and we planned on going to boracay for a weekend and the good thing about it is : He's the one paying for me! Cant wait to see you OJ!

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