December 17, 2008

Tips On Finding Your Guy

I was thinking,If you are single,a single gay guy or bisexual or whatever gays call themselves now where's the right place to look for your partner or someone that can we call our boyfriend?Well atleast that is for those looking for love.Here are some of where you can find them:
  • At the mall --or any public place.well this is obviously one good way,if you like that guy and you seems confident enough about yourself why not approach the guy and introduce yourself.Well for me i never done this haha,This is for the cute one's who have the guts and what it takes not to be rejected.Well ofcourse be sure that this guy is gay/bi too,if not galingan nyo umilag kapag sinapak kayo!hahaha.Or do a gimik like you accidentally bumped into him"Oh im sorry i didnt see you!by the way whats ur name?"haha thats is a lame pick up line I guess just come uo with something original or funny.
  • Coffee shop -- this is a place where gays usually hang out!They love starbucks!
  • Gay events -- just like the gay parade that just held.Or some gay bloggers party if you are a blogger or a fan of a blog.
  • Gay club/bars --this is self explanatory.If you are a party animal,this is the right place,but be careful with the hookers and call boys always act with caution hehe baka mapatay ka kapag may tinake home ka!Always stay at the place that are public like the coffee shop or a cozy resto if you have an acquantance.
  • At work -- well if you noticed someone that you might suspect or think that he is gay that likes you or you like,why not befriend him,who knows you might get there.There's nothing wrong in trying,you will never know what will happen if you dont try right?Well there's some disadavantages of a co-worker though.You will see him regurlarly and sometimes its annoying!haha
  • Bathroom -- personally i dont recommend this!its so cheap haha.What will happen if a friend ask you "oh guys where did you meet?" and you will say "ah,at this mall's bathroom!"haha.They might think he's a call boy or something!
  • Chatroom -- this is my forte haha!There's lot of gay chatroom or website out there,who is a base of all like us,some are looking for friends,relationships and ofcourse the hook-ups.You just have to know what are you looking for.Some pretend that they are looking for relationship but in reality they just want sex.
A little tip: try for instance,browse the guy's profile out there,read whats in there,some guys put real stuff there about themselves,that they are also loooking for their mr.right.if you like what you saw,message them,let them know you're interested and if they answer,great.And if not move to the next guy.Try to asses your self,how you look,then look for guys that you might think at your level.I mean if you are average looking or not given the cuteness dont message guys that are out of your league you know what I mean,because for sure you will only get snobbed!

Or try the chatrooms,some guys they advertise the "serious relationships ads" or "looking for sensible chat ads"messaged them.It doesnt mean that because they post that ads means that its a realtionship at an instant,ofcourse there is a process,first you chat,friendly chat at first,exchange pictures(put your nicest pic) then if you have a good time chatting,you'll exchange mobile numbers then you will set a date and then just see what will happen if there is a sparks.

Well i hope this stuff helps!This is just my opinion Im no proffesional you know,so dont criticise me like this or like that.haha.Anyway goodnight!

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