December 9, 2008

Just a Simple Word

After more than two weeks of being together JL and I had a big fight,come to think of it its not really a big fight,actually its a petty fight haha.We didnt talk or text or chat for 3days,no one is giving up,im not approaching him first,over my dead body!And I was so pissed off that he's not approaching first either.On the second day of he sent me a text quotes, part of it goes like this:"...never apologize for saying what you feel because its like saying sorry for being real etc etc ek ek..." and the other one was: "Why do we become so numb caring for people whom at times dont even think of us in a day or two etc etc..blah blah"..I didnt replied to any of the damned quotes if he's thinking I will give-in or he's intentionally making me mad to textback, well sorry for him,Im not just mad..Im furious!!!haha.but ofcourse I didnt want him to know that.I just ignored him and even at YM i shifted from visible to invisible evrytime I saw him online.

At the third day,he sent me a message at ym even if Im invisible he said "ano na?" and I said "anong ano na?"hehe.And that word followed by another and another which end up us fighting again and I said "you know what,lets talk next week Im so mad at you!" and after that without a reply he signed off.

I was so mad at him that night.I even planned on making a break up but then again,I dont want to be impulsive and regret it after.I did that already with one of my ex,I dont want to regret things over and over again,so I controlled my self not to say "I want a breakup".It feels good to say that at first but after a few days its ugly anymore,so I didnt.

So i look for something to divert my anger..and I saw his name at my friendster!I immediately erased him to my list of friends haha and it made me feel good after.Im sure this will make him mad!Good riddance I said to myself.

The next day,when I opened my blog I saw his comment,it says : "so you erased me at friendster you want to end this already?"It made me smile haha.I know i will invite him back im not angry anymore.

My friend Oj adviced me to think it over and relax,and just let my emotion subside.So just like any other day I was online earlier and I was changing the color of my blog(hoped you like it over the green one)when his name popped out on the bottom of my screen "JL is now online",I dont know what happened I just click his name and said "bati na tayo" and thats it,he replied and we chat and everything was ok again(well i hope so) he even want to voice chat.

Its so funny how a simple word like "bati na tayo" or "sorry" or anything makes a diffrence to everything.Sometimes a simple word is the solution.Ofcourse at the right time and place.Ciao!

Wait!I remember we have a deal when we started this relationship we said :" if we fight,lets not wait another day to settle it"haha i dont know what happened to that promise!

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