December 20, 2008

My Date Tomorrow

Oh no..tomorrow at 3pm is the big date with Jojo! Im looking forward to it the whole week and now that its here Im nervous.What if something might not turn out right or I say something stupid or he might think Im too aggressive (well Im really aggressive hehe but ofcourse i'd like lay low a little since its our first date)The biggest challenge is what am I going to wear!When it comes to dressing up thats a big deal for me.You see first impression is the best part.You have to look nice ofcourse.I dont want him to think Im a lousy dresser or something.

We'be been planning about this date too long and I hope we'll have a good time,i told him I wanna see keanu's new movie and he said he liked that movie too.We have a good time chatting since last week and its so much fun I just hope tomorrow will be like that.

I told my sister that JL and I are no more,and by the reaction of her face its seems that she's not surprised!haha.And I told her that I have a special visitor at the 25th,and she just asked who is it,I told her his name is Jojo.And that was it.And we just talk about what food to prepare at the christmass eve.I said I'd like to have carbonara but she wants spaghettie!I also suggested for a roasted chicken,crema-de-fruita cake which is my favorite.

We will meet at the terminal going to alabang and by then we will go straight to the mall and look for a fancy resto and head at the movies yehey!!!I'll tell you the details tomorrow ok!Ciao!

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